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In late 2018, five veteran gamblers created GMBLRS with a mission to be an online community for all gambling enthusiasts, no matter if you are a casino player, a sports bettor, a poker player or a horse racing punter. Having tried and tested all possible forms of gambling, our experiences show that doing it together is always more fun, whether you are wearing a suit with a martini in your hand at the finest casino in London or are simply sitting comfortably in your shorts on your home computer and relax after a week’s work.

GMBLRS aims to be a personal living room for all players where you can share your own Saturday evening Premier League bet slips or cheer for your friends most memorable blackjack wins and monster-high hit on his favourite slot machine. And of course you can also rely on the support of your peers for your most bitter memories of a bet-killing injury time goal  or a tight loss on the final table of a poker tournament. GMBLRS welcomes everyone from the horse racing nerds calculating the best probabilities for a race to the gambler hunting the feeling of winning a huge jackpot on a slot machine. We connect gamblers from Plymouth to Carlisle and from Gibraltar to Portsmouth.

The core GMBLRS values ​​are integrity, straightforwardness and honesty. We insist on fairplay from both sides alike, players as well as casinos and bookmakers. GMBLRS will always strive to be the place for the latest news and information for anything related to gambling and betting as well as up-to-date guides for a variety of gambling activities.

The players are at the heart of GMBLRS where their voices will always be heard. It is a community that never stops evolving because it is built by members for members and visitors. GMBLRS provides all tools necessary to participate in the community and will reward the most active members with achievement trophies and prizes.

At GMBLRS, we have zero tolerance towards cheating and unfair gaming sites. Any rules must be clearly shown in advance and followed. The GMBLRS recommended brands are the most reliable in the industry where you can rest easy that any winnings will be paid in a timely fashion. We write independent, honest casino and bookmaker reviews and will highlight any shortcomings. It is our contribution in the effort to stop any dishonest sites from being successful in the gaming world. This will benefit in the long run those who play fair and offer gaming services with integrity. GMBLRS is and always will be the megaphone for players!

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