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On this page, we divided the casinos into three categories. The TOP25 online casinos overall, the TOP25 for the UK and the TOP25 most rated casinos (those that have received the most ratings from our readership, not necessarily the best).

TOP25 Best Rated Online Casinos

The casinos listed below are the best-rated gaming sites at GMBLRS, basically, the crème de la crème of all casinos listed here. The ranking takes into account all comments and star ratings given by any member from around the world. Please note, that the list is fluctuating as more players submit their ratings which can see a casino rise to the top or drop out from the chart.

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TOP25 Best Rated UK Online Casinos

If you are from the United Kingdom looking for a new gaming hangout or just decided to place your first bet online, then our TOP25 of best rated UK casinos will be the perfect guide to assist you in making your decision where to sign up. All casinos on this list have undergone stringent vetting by us and/or GMBLRS members while the ratings are a good reflection of how members rank their gaming experience.

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TOP25 Most Rated Online Casinos

This chart is the one we like most here at GMBLRS as it is a direct reflection on how a casino is performing for our members. A lot of comments and ratings indicate that more members are actively playing at these top casinos and are happy to share their experience for everyone to see. You are welcome to browse through the list to read some of the comments left by our members as they will give you a very good impression of how the casinos perform on a day to day basis.

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Asking 100 players to tally the TOP25 best online casino will probably get you near as many different lists. What floats the boat for one, might not for the other. Determining whether a casino belongs into the TOP25 charts is mostly a subjective question. Even our small group here at GMBLRS wouldn’t be able to draw up a common list. But there are ways to filter those out from the hundreds of online casinos that are excelling at what they do. The GMBLRS way is that we established a set of criteria for casino reviews that will allow us to give each gaming site a default rating. Licenses, game choice, promotions, gamification, customer support and speed of payments – to name just a few of the criteria we look at when establishing a rating. To receive the maximum five stars a casino has to excel in all areas, which are also monitored by us and updated on a regular basis. In view of recent developments, we added mobile gaming and casino apps to the criteria to make sure you can have an equally enjoyable experience on your desktop or on the go from your smartphone.

But that is only the initial value and a casino will have to prove to our readership that they deserve their ranking. Any GMBLRS member can leave a comment and star rating for any of the casinos listed on our site. The average of all ratings will then be the actual rating for a casino which can change in either direction at any time. This serves as a friendly “pressure” on casino operators to keep up the good work their doing or as an indicator that they have to improve. Not yet a member but you want to rate a casino, leave a comment or upload a screenshot? Then sign-up now and start being an active member of our GMBLRS community. All your contributions will earn you gold coins which can be exchanged for pure cash. It is our way of saying thank you for your support.