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At GMBLRS, we consistently seek out new talent and the most electrifying game developers in online gaming, try to understand what makes them unique and explain why we believe they are the game studios ready to rock online casino lobbies. GMBLRS Spotlight Series is a collection of company interviews and informal discussions that puts influential people and the key components that set them and their content apart under the revealing spotlight.

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GMBLRS has helped push some of the finest game studios under the online gaming spotlight, providing industry talent with deserved recognition for their unique and inspirational game design that has captured players and elevated them into the upper echelons of online slot stardom. Nolimit City, 4ThePlayer, AvatarUX, Peter & Sons, Hacksaw Gaming, and more, have risen under GMBLRS’ watchful eye as instantly recognised stars, and some of them, returned the shine by honouring us with time to share in their experiences and secrets of success.

GMBLRS Spotlight Series is your place to find out more about your favourite studios and the people that make them tick. The GMBLRS Spotlight shines a beam across a specially selected group of gaming industry stars. From Game Designers & Developers to Company Founders, Art Directors and Artists, GMBLRS industry interviews pick the brains of choice talent from the world of online gaming and online slot development.

Those gracious enough to welcome GMBLRS into their world of game development discuss a range of topics and subjects, from company structure, art direction and methods, to providing entertaining insights into game theme choice, brand building, and most importantly, the team of people within (with the occasional nickname thrown in for good measure). You will find captivating discussions about how companies were formed, designs on unique studio features and the gameplay they bring, company backgrounds, design inspiration, and often with a touch of lighthearted humour, under a revealing spotlight.

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