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A Short Brief About Online Casino Bonuses – The Words of GMBLRS

In essence, casino bonuses are free money, free spins, complimentary chips or any other extra that a player can receive from a casino with his deposits. Usually, they are not given out for free (with rare exceptions) and in order to receive a casino bonus, players have to either make a deposit or complete a task in the casino such as wagering a specific amount on all or just one particular game.

There are many different types of casino bonuses such as deposit bonuses, free spins or cashback bonuses that it presents sometimes a challenge to understand it all. In this article, we take a closer look at the most common types of bonuses.

Just as varied are the terms for bonuses which often weaken the real value of a bonus, hence, €100 might not be worth the full one hundred in the end but it will be some extra money for the player that will end up being somewhere between zero and the full amount. Wagering requirements are often steep and players don’t always get through it but keep in mind that especially if you are planning to play more, you would still be spinning on slot reels, so why not wager a bonus at the same time. With higher stakes wagering, the player’s profit usually increases as getting through the rounds can deliver big wins. Will cover wagering in more detail in a future article of our Book of GMBLRS.

Why Do Casinos Distribute “Free” Money?

You might have asked yourself why a casino is offering bonuses when players can benefit from them? The answer is simple, competition. The number of online casinos has literally mushroomed over the last years leading to fierce competition to attract players. It can prove rather difficult to get players not only to sign up but also return to a casino unless they have already a stellar reputation and an attractive package.

At the end of the day, bonuses are a marketing tool to lure a player to the online casino, very much like a petrol company can sell gas at a discount or a grocery store puts low-cost bulk candies in a magazine ad; the crowds will come and usually buy more. In the case of a casino, players might return later and spend their own money without a bonus.

A First Deposit Almost Always Gets a Bonus

The very reason why new players get a bonus that is usually better than the average promotion is to get them to sign up and make their first deposit. A common misconception about casino bonuses is that the terms are drafted in such a way that a player cannot win. We dedicated an entire article about this myth simply because bonuses can most definitely benefit a player, starting from an extended gaming experience to more chances of winning and even being able to make a profit. Very often, casinos offer bonuses to their existing customers. These are on average slightly less valuable, but especially VIP players who play a lot usually receive bigger bonuses with better terms.

The Value of Bonuses Varies

Worth noting is that a bonus is not really worth the entire bonus amount because of the terms and conditions attached to it. On the other hand, it is not something the casino can benefit and will be in the long run something between zero and the actual bonus amount. In some cases, bonuses are not profitable for the player, e.g. a 10% bonus with a wagering requirement of 20x deposit + bonus or a bonus with a maximum conversion limit of €500 can make it difficult to turn out a profit.

At some casinos, the terms and conditions are very comprehensive, yet it is imperative that you always read them for each bonus offer. The terms are mainly to protect them from bonus abuse as otherwise players would simply deposit, take the bonus and withdraw it altogether instantly. It would be a sure way for a casino to go bust in a short period of time. To find out about casino promotions and their potential pitfalls, read this article which will help you to avoid breaking rules and to play your bonuses in the best possible way. Some casinos have too restrictive terms, something we will cover in a future article.

In closing, casino bonuses stand for straight deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback and other additional benefits that a player receive from a casino, usually after a deposit. They might be seen sometimes in a negative light but in reality they offer longer playtime, bigger bankrolls and often extra wins and profits.

First deposit bonuses – top up your first deposit

We know that most of our readers, as well as ourselves, would prefer bonuses with no extra terms or requirements and even better no deposit required. Naturally, we’ve listed the so-called NDBs too, but we shouldn’t forget about deposit bonuses as there is a multitude around with plenty of options. It is also often logically smarter to take a £ 10 deposit with a £ 40 bonus, then a £ 20 deposit with 50 bonus spins valued at 10p each.

200 % and over first deposit bonuses

Yep, yes, as old casino veterans, we understand that the higher the percentage, the smaller the deposit, the more fun you get. Unfortunately, over 200% casino bonuses are rather rare to find, but exactly 200% bonuses are still widely available. “Deposit £ 10 and get £ 30” is probably a familiar slogan for you too.

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Best Casino Bonuses – GMBLRS Picks

Being avid gamers ourselves, we scour the world wide web on a daily basis to find the best bonuses with the most lenient terms, lowest wagering requirements and possibly no restrictions for withdrawals. Please note that these bonuses are often time-limited, so you might want to hurry and claim them before they are gone. Below you will find a list of the best casinos bonuses handpicked by GMBLRS.

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No-Deposit Sign-Up Bonuses

Our preferred bonuses! Not having to deposit for a bonus is the best possible offer for every casino player. Sign up and enjoy the first spins without a deposit. These bonuses are attractive for players and casinos alike as they are a fairly affordable way for casinos to attract new customers. So, for once, is this a situation where both parties are always happy and satisfied? We divided bonuses without deposit requirements into three categories. The first is bonus money, the second is free or bonus spins and the third is our own special list of no deposit bonuses that don’t even have wagering requirements. The latter are a rare treat, but they can still be found on the market from time to time.

1. No-Deposit Bonus Money or so-called “Free Cash”

There’s no such thing like a free lunch or so the saying goes. No-deposit bonus money, however, comes pretty close to it. Some casinos will offer a modest amount of bonus money after you completed your registration without asking for a deposit. That’s the first part which you will have to do before being eligible for the no-deposit bonus. Some might ask to register a payment method before crediting the amount.

The second part which makes it not absolutely totally free are the wagering requirements attached to these bonuses as well as limits to what amount you will be able to withdraw, usually not more than EUR/GBP 100. Still, once you got through the wagering, the money is yours to do as you please. We highly recommend withdrawing winnings from no-deposit bonuses as casinos will never process more than the limit even if you win more after the wagering was done. Better is to withdraw and re-deposit.

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2. No-Deposit Free or Bonus Spins

The alternative to crediting your account with a straight bonus amount are Free, Extra or Bonus Spins or whatever other name the casino can come up with. Once the registration of your account is completed, you will be able to simply open the advertised game to play the free spins, no deposit needed. Winnings will be added as bonus money, meaning you will need to wager them a specified amount of times on casino games (check for restrictions) before they are converted to cash. Typically, casinos will convert up to EUR/GBP100 as a maximum. Again, we do recommend to withdraw these winnings and redeposit if you want to carry on playing at the same casino.

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3. No-Deposit Bonuses with no Wagering Requirements

“Keep what you win!”. If you’ve seen more than two casino ads in your life, it is almost guaranteed that you heard this famous slogan. “Keep what you win” means exactly what it says. You get to keep everything you win when claiming these offers as there are no wagering requirements for these bonuses to risk your initial winnings. All pure cash for you to do as you please. Worth noting again is that casinos usually impose a minimum and a maximum withdrawal limit for these offers.


Low-Wagering Bonuses

A new type of bonus has cropped up in the last year or two as more and more players started to despise the sometimes ridiculously high wagering requirements that were imposed on standard bonuses. Some casinos caught up with the trend and offer now low-wager bonuses. While the percentage of what will be added to your deposit will be less than usual, there will be also lower wagering requirements attached, e.g. 10x B instead of 30x D+B.


All Casino Welcome Bonuses

Bonuses are as varied as there are stars in the sky. Well, maybe not as much but still, there are an awful lot of different types out there. To assist you in finding the right offer for you we set up a separate page where you can browse through all currently available casino bonuses to find your favourite offer and casino by using the extensive search tools.

Frequently Asked Questions about Casino Bonuses

How do Online Casino Bonuses Work?

Think of “Buy one, get one free” when looking at a bonus.  Online Casinos will offer players a variety of bonuses to attract them to make their next deposit with them. A specified percentage or a number of free spins will be added to your deposit once it is completed, e.g. a 50% bonus will give you EUR/GBP150 to play if you deposit EUR/GBP100.

Once you received your bonus, you will need to wager either the amount of the bonus (B) or the sum of the deposit and bonus (D+B) a specified amount of times on the casino games before it is converted to cash, e.g. 30x B or 25x D+B. There are always some restrictions on bet sizes or what games you can play, plus, how much they contribute to the wagering. Always make sure to read the bonus terms to avoid any disappointment.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

Welcome bonuses are what it says on the proverbial tin. To attract new players, casinos will welcome them with a special offer for their first deposit. Often they will have a package stretching over multiple deposits. The offers can be a deposit match, a number of free spins or a combination of both. Some will cashback or what they call a refund bonus, meaning they will credit (refund) the amount of your deposit up to a limit as a bonus should you lose it.

What are Free Spins?

Once upon a time, Free Spins used to be just that. A casino would credit you a number of free rounds on a selected game, you played them and the winnings were yours to keep. That changed recently, not the least because of more stringent regulations. Most free spins are today actually bonus spins, meaning that any winnings will be credited as a bonus which has then wagering requirements attached. They will be either given as a complimentary bonus or on top of a deposit. There are though some casinos left where free spins are actually cash spins with no wagering attached on the winnings.

How to use casino bonuses?

We recommend using bonuses any time you want to boost your playing balance. You will have to accept bonus terms such as wagering requirements and bet limits, but overall you will have extra playtime. Worth noting is that some casinos will ask for bonus-free deposits between claiming promotional offers.

How to Make Money from Online Casino Bonuses?

There is no guarantee that you will be making a profit on casino bonuses. But they will give you more chances to actually make one as you will have a larger playing balance. You can choose to place higher bets (within allowed limits) or play longer with your usual bet sizes, giving you extra time to score a win that will bring you into profit. Just never forget, the house always wins in the long run. But with clever bankrolling, you can significantly increase the potential to walk away with a profit more often.

Online Casino No-Deposit Bonus, How Does it Work?

Pretty simple. The casino will give you an amount of bonus cash or a number of free spins without asking you to make a deposit first, hence, the name no-deposit bonus. These offers almost always have limits on potential withdrawals or winnings, usually not more than EUR/GBP100. However, it is free money, so worth taking up virtually any kind of no-deposit offer.

How to Cashout Bonus Money?

Before you can cash out bonus money, you will be asked to wager the amount on casino games, e.g. 50x. In other words, if you received a EUR/GBP10 bonus with a 50x wagering requirement, you will have to bet 10×50 = 500 on the allowed casino games before the bonus is converted to real cash. Once you have managed to do that, you can simply cash it out as usual. Head to the banking lobby and submit a withdrawal to the same method you used for your deposit.

More recently and especially in the UK, regulations have been changed that a casino has to keep a bonus balance separate to the cash balance. You will be playing first with your cash and should you hit that mega win, you can head straight to the banking lobby, forfeit the bonus and cashout. Only when your cash balance reaches zero, will you start betting with bonus money and will have to complete the wagering before it is converted to cash.