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Whilst online gaming can be immense fun for the vast majority of people, GMBLRS are well aware of the associated dangers that affect so many individuals, families and friends in many far-reaching ways. Most online casinos offer some form of advice or tools to help consumers combat gambling harm. Every person should be fully informed and conscious of the possible pitfalls and challenges that come with gambling, particularly online.

Millions of people around the globe are directly or indirectly affected by problems arising from compulsive gambling every day. Gambling can become harmful to your well-being, others around you and leave you and your family in financial ruin. Feeling agitated or anxious for no apparent reason, spending too much time or money playing and becoming withdrawn from social situations, or obsessively mulling over the next session could be signs that something is amiss for you or someone you know.

Professional organisations like BeGambleAware, Gamblers Anonymous, Stödlinjen, Gambling Therapy, Global Gambling Guidance Group, Betting & Gaming Council and GamCare are ready to meet the needs of people brave enough to come forward for help. Services such as Gamstop and BetBlocker can restrict players from signing up and logging on at online casinos.

All good online casinos will offer a range of useful tools to help customers limit their time and spending. A concise responsible gambling program should include daily, weekly and monthly customisable limits, along with timely in-play reminders, support and advice, plus ‘time-out’ or ‘self-exclusion’ periods to block accounts for an agreed length of time.

GMBLRS believes no barriers should be placed in the way of a call for assistance. Players and casinos have a moral obligation towards limiting the social impact of gambling harm and helping our fellow woman or man unequivocally without judgment. For advice and assistance, speak with someone close to you, feel free to get in touch with us, or talk to one of the many organisations fully equipped and ready to help.

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Gambling Help Organizations

Need help or someone to talk to? Or maybe you are looking to install blocking software? Below are some organizations that offer assistance:


Safer Gambling UK:


Gambling Therapy:


Gamblers Anonymous:

Sweden – Stödlinjen:

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