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Safer Gambling Week: 19-25 Nov 2020

Online gambling and in its wake the land-based form have changed dramatically in the last two decades. The advent of the internet age has brought in completely new ways to place a bet, spin on a video slot, play bingo or see a roulette table turn. We can now do it at any time, anywhere and on virtually any desktop or mobile device at our own convenience.

What has not changed are that all forms of gambling are basically games of chance with the opportunity to win or lose as well as the dangers for it to turn from fun and entertainment into an addiction. While two decades ago there was very little or no regulation at all, we have now in all major markets authorities in place that aim to keep gambling fun for all via laws and regulations. This goes from age verification when opening an account to providing tools to control spending and activity at an online gambling establishment and providing information and guidance to players and bettors on how to gamble responsibly.

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Safer Gambling Week 2020 is a joint campaign from gaming operators, the gambling industry and non-gambling organisations that aims to create a conversation with customers, staff and the wider public about driving awareness of how to gamble safely and responsibly. The current campaign will run from 19th to 25th November, fielding various events organised by a range of stakeholders.

We at GMBLRS fully support responsible gambling and these initiatives to prevent harm from gambling and keeping this century-old pastime as a fun and entertaining activity. Feel free to visit the SG Week 2020 website to find more information about safer gambling and help organisations or register to take part in events and webinars.

Stay Safe and Gamble Responsibly!