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Why Play Slots with High RTP?

RTP stands for Return To Player and is the benchmark rating for all games of chance. The RTP rating is the percentage the game has been designed to award in return for the bet amount. Sometimes called TRTP or Theoretical Return To Player, the figure is calculated, designed and tested over a set number of spins, usually millions and sometimes billions.

As a player, you should know your games designed RTP; after all, a higher RTP means a greater chance of reward. Because games are tested to meet RTP over millions or billions of spins and players tend to play, at the most, hundreds of spins in a session, there is no guarantee your bets will meet the expected TRTP of the game. Hit a big win early and you will be over the TRTP with an actual RTP over the designed amount. Have a bad run of spins and you could be way under the TRTP with your actual RTP below the designed amount.

In short, however, games with higher RTP are designed to give back more to players than their lower counterparts. Some game studios release several different RTP versions of the same game. You could be playing Play’n GO’s 96.21% RTP version of Book of Dead at one casino and, at another, the lower-paying (for players) 91.25% RTP version. After loading a game, you can check the RTP version by reading the in-game information or help files.

Each game developer lists the RTP information in different places and some are harder to find than others. For example, Microgaming and partner studios list their RTP in a separate help file, away from the general rules, which opens in a separate window. Play’n GO does not list the RTP of their demo games, which means joining a casino before finding out. More player-friendly developers, such as Relax Gaming and Big Time Gaming, list their games RTP clearly in the rules. Some smaller studios like 4ThePlayer and Lucksome have taken to documenting their games RTP in the loading screen, which is a much better way for players.

So what difference do a few percentages of RTP make? Well, in real terms, much more than the perceived small amount. Compare a 96% RTP game with a 94% RTP game and a balance of 100 credits. The 96% game will take approximately 1,251 spins to half your balance to 50 credits. The 94% game will take roughly 822 spins to do the same. Using the UKGC’s 2.5-second time delay between spins, that’s an extra 20 minutes of game time for playing the 96% version. Imagine the loss of time and money playing a 91% version and you can begin to see the importance of RTP and why a sensible player will always choose higher RTP over lower.

So, when choosing your next game, consider the RTP and ask yourself if there is a better game to play. GMBLRS list the highest RTP online slots on the market, so you don’t need to go hunting for the games designed to give the most time on the reels and the best chance of return on your bets. Please note that some of our games listed will be found in lower RTP versions, always check which version your casino offers before playing.

High RTP Slots - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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