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Brite AB is a Stockholm based payment services provider, enabling virtually instant account-to-account transactions. Formed in 2019 by a collective of employees associated with successful processors such as Klarna, Qliro, Trustly, Tink and SOFORT, Brite enables merchants to offer a seamless payment service and, in the case of online gaming, allow instant deposits and withdrawals with quicker account registration and basic customer verification for online casinos.

Brite works within the Open Banking framework, a streamlined banking network for processing payments that allows consumer data to be accessed through a bank or financial institutions. In short, Brite talks directly to your chosen source of funds to check your payment id and facilitate a requested transfer almost instantly. Furthermore, in most cases, using Brite will authenticate personal information from the source. This service has proven popular with online gamers and casinos due to a smoother customer boarding experience.

The service operates by communicating directly with your bank through its operated API (Application Programming Interface). The API acts as a gateway to arrange secure access to Brite for checking your available funds and your customer identity from the real-time information held by the selected financial institution. Where information is available, Brite will fulfil the standard KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements for online casinos to comply with their licencing obligations by confirming any requested identity details. No sensitive information is shared in a process completed by notifications.

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Using Brite to sign-up to an online casino can be completed in seconds and removes the need to fill out online forms or complete a manual registration process. Basic information is checked at the point of transaction and designed to fulfil most standard AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (know your customer) requirements. Because the information is communicated immediately through the banking system in real-time, no data is stored with the merchant or, in this case, the online casino.

Historically, payments through traditional banking methods such as debit cards, credit cards and conventional bank transfers have taken anywhere from one or two, up to several, working days. Online casinos and players alike have always sought the fastest ways of getting paid. Often, online casinos have been judged solely on their merits of payment speed, hassle-free withdrawals and identification processes.

Using the Brite service streamlines and speeds up processes by checking and earmarking payments whilst boarding customers with automatic registration and identity verification within seconds. Brite makes payments faster and verifying identity easier for all parties involved. Be aware that although the Brite service will process the withdrawal immediately, without delay, some casinos may not enable the withdrawal right away due to their internal operating procedures.

To summarise, using Brite to make transactions or join an online casino is efficient, safe and fast. Signing up to an online casino using Brite couldn’t be easier, allowing virtually instant deposit and play with no registration forms. Some lengthy KYC procedures or requests for identity documentation can be avoided by using Brite, which provides requested KYC and AML information at the point of transaction to the casino.


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