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In August 2019, SafeCharge International Group was acquired by In August 2019, Nuvei, a leading provider of global payment solutions, acquired SafeCharge International Group. SafeCharge provides a range of products focused on seamless and effortless payments. For online casinos, instant deposits and withdrawals with basic customer registration and verification enables merchants to provide the ultimate hassle-free playing experience.

The Rank Group and Ladbrokes are just a couple of familiar names from the gaming industry offering SafeCharge products. SafeCharge provides gateway payment solutions and communicates directly to your chosen source of funds to check your payment credentials and facilitate transactions. SafeCharge Cashier is an integrated and customisable product designed to process deposits and withdrawals that can take care of basic registration and identity checks in order to be KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) compliant.

The instant service operates by communicating directly with your bank’s API (Application Programming Interface). The API acts as a gateway for information sharing to check the availability of funds and verify the customer’s identity and address from the real-time information held by the selected financial institution. Where information is available, SafeCharge will fulfil the standard KYC requirements for online casinos to comply with their licencing obligations by confirming any requested identity details. The process is secure and carried out through a process of notification confirmations, with no sharing of sensitive information.

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Using a casino with SafeCharge Cashier can allow instant registration in seconds and remove the need to fill out lengthy online forms or complete a manual registration process. Identity and address are checked at the point of each transaction and designed to fulfil most standard AML and KYC legislative requirements. Because the information is communicated immediately through the banking system in real-time, no data is stored with the online casino.

When returning to a SafeCharge Cashier casino, the depositing process is carried out again, quickly and easily, with the same checks, making depositing, playing and cashing out smooth and straightforward. Some online casinos will employ a manual approval system for withdrawals, yet the SafeCharge process is almost instant when given the green light and transfers funds with speedy withdrawals in seconds.

You may see the SafeCharge name on the payments page of your favourite casino, as Nuvei offer a range of payment processing solutions. Products can be tailored to suit a merchant’s needs, and not all SafeCharge casinos will provide an instant banking solution, sometimes operating the casino’s payment gateway as the payment service provider for a range of methods.

In summary, using SafeCharge to make transactions or join an online casino can be fast, simple and efficient and allow for instant registration, deposit and play. When SafeCharge has been designed for onboarding and instant transactions, signing up to an online casino couldn’t be easier. Deposits and withdrawals are completed within record speeds, securely and with identity and address verification. Some lengthy KYC procedures or requests for identity documentation can be avoided by using SafeCharge, which provides any requested KYC and AML data at the point of transaction.


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