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Simplify your gaming experience with Zimpler; a mobile payment service that allows you to make quicker, more efficient and secure deposits from the palm of your hand. Anytime, any place. Zimpler is an online and automated payment system that allows user to load and withdraw funds with the promise of next to instant processing times.

It also allows much more in the form that it carries out automated Know your customer and anti-money laundering checks without the needs for end-users to send in sensitive documents where possible as electronic checks can be done.

Zimpler was first founded in Gothenburg in Sweden, their first appearance and start of their operations and services began in 2012. Basically, Zimpler is an e-wallet, examples of others would include PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. Once a Zimpler account has been created and an account register with personal details by the user, they would then be required to link a personalised bank account directly to their Zimpler account.

Once this has been established then the Zimpler account is ready to be used. Funds would be uploaded using various methods on offer, the most common being credit or debit cards attached to the owners’ bank account, direct bank transfer, transfer from another e-wallet or by using a prepayment voucher such as a Paysafe Card which has been brought in person from a shop or store.

Possible the one thing 90% of today’s population always have with them is their mobile phone. This is where Zimpler have utilised this fact and made a simple and user-friendly app that is installed or set up via their phones. A previously decided PIN number is chosen by the Zimpler account holder at the time of registering their accounts. Moving forward this provides security protection and would be required to complete all future transactions.

In most cases uploading of funds would be instant and therefore available for use in the Zimpler account straight away, however always worth checking beforehand as some banks may take longer than others and methods such as bank transfer may be slower than using your debit card.

Users may now ask, we know how to put money into Zimpler, how about getting it out? Well, this is also simple and quick. Requesting funds to be transferred from the Zimpler account is done by withdrawing and as the bank account is ready linked then the funds as their website suggest will be there before the user can say ‘refund!’

Zimpler has many convenient applications for which it can be used, examples of such would be paying for goods in-store where the Zimpler sign is displayed, paying bills over the phone or online, pay points and terminals (similar to where a chip and pin debit card could be used to pay) and also depositing into online accounts which would include casino and sports betting accounts.

In closing, Zimpler seems to be an awesome and very favourable payment method. The company itself has already seen a huge growth in less than its ten years in operation. Given that it now more recently offers support of cryptocurrencies which are getting more trusted and popular day to day, things can only get better.

Credit: Written by Jon M.


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