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Did someone shout Bingo?! – No, no, no, they yelled Slingo!

Slingo is the new and exciting addition to the online casino community, which combines all the action and fun of traditional bingo games and the more popular online casino video slot games.

Believe it or not, Slingo is thought by many online gamblers to be a new addition to the ever-increasing content found at today’s modern casinos. However you will be surprised to read that it was initially founded and dates as far back as 1994. Originally developed by Sal Falciglia, based in New Jersey, the founder decided to name his project and business after the game itself, simply Slingo.

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Since the growth in popularity, more and more players are becoming aware of its existence and fancy a little dabble. Slingo has developed many more titles following the firstborn ‘Slingo Original’ and is now widely distributed under the various casino licencing jurisdictions, predominately for the time being in the UK under the United Kingdom Gaming Commission. Gaming Realms provide the lead developing software setup and games.

Of course, as the name would suggest, Slingo is a combination of the time served, and much loved bingo game and an online video slot. Many players love online bingo as do many love and enjoy online slots, so why not combine the two and ideally created a masterpiece where both can be enjoyed simultaneously.

The player or participant at the time has to try and mark off as many numbers from their card in the shortest time, more specifically before other players. Numbers are usually revealed in batches or sets of five and should these appear on your play card are then ‘marked off’  There are other random symbols which can appear where the numbers are revealed which act as enhancements, allowing extra numbers to be marked from the play card, examples would include wild jokers (used to mark off a number which has not being revealed in the column where the joker appeared)  also devils which you do not really want see as these will halve your accumulative score, they can however be cancelled out with the appearance of the cherub symbol.

The whole method of doing well, progressing to further stages and more importantly winning on Slingo is all based on a point system and achieving greater scores than your competitors (other players at the time you are playing)

There are a whole host of ways of securing points but at that same time ways of losing them also. Most Slingo games work in this way but for a better understanding we recommend that you check the game rules and paytable of the particular version you are playing at that time.

Upon completion of winning or ending up in a winning position after the bingo part, players would then move on to the slot based portion of the Slingo game. During this time you will then have a set amount of free spins to further improve you overall score. Bear in mind that these free spins are time limited so delaying will end up losing spins and thus hindering your chance of a higher or better overall ending score.

Currently Slingo offerings are still growing and new games are being added regularly. However still plenty to chose from, quick examples include, traditional Slingo, Starburst Slingo and Rainbow Riches Slingo.

Credit: Written by Jon F.


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