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ComeOn launches WeSpin

WeSpin is taking social casino gaming to a new level by letting players join forces and stream their group session with a common wallet. Backed by major iGaming operator ComeOn Group, WeSpin offers a platform that combines casino streaming with pool betting where members can take part with any amount they like and collect a share of the wins based on their contribution.

WeSpin Casino is the brainchild of the folks at ComeOn Group, a major online casino operator with 20+ brands including ComeOn Casino, MobileBet, Cherry Casino and Get Lucky! Casino under a mix of licences from the MGA Malta, the Swedish Spelinspektionen, the Danish Gambling Authority as well as other smaller jurisdictions.

WeSpin is currently available at ComeOn Casino and will be rolled out to other brands in the near future.

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You heard right! You can now decide whether to play by yourself or add your balance to a common pool that will allow the chosen streamer to place larger bets for an extra thrill and potentially bigger wins. Simply join a group, make your contribution and then relax and watch as the session unfolds. Chat rooms with various functions will let you interact with your fellow group members and also share the celebrations.

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So how does it work will be the first question most players will ask. There are two ways to become active at WeSpin Casino, either as a group streamer or as a contributing member. We took a closer look at both to give our readers a good overview as to what they can expect when joining WeSpin.

Casino streaming is not new as it has been around for the best part of the last decade. Players start off by setting up a streaming channel, usually on Twitch or YouTube, and stream their gaming session live to their audience. Throughout the period, viewers and streamers interact and share their stories, tips or just simply chitchat. The streamer itself does so by using a microphone while the viewers type their messages in a separate chat window.

The bankroll used for real streams comes from the streamers’ own pocket although they receive generous bonuses from the casinos for promoting them. Especially the more successful streamers who have regularly 10,000s of viewers in each session are heavily subsidized by the advertised casinos. Other than the bankroll, streamers need a suitable PC or laptop, a few pieces of software, a microphone and obviously the financial funds to stream for hours most of the days.

The main idea behind WeSpin Casino is to allow viewers and group members to contribute to the playing balance of the streamer and thus increasing the total gaming pot, which they can then use to spin slots at higher stakes or increase the stakes on a live casino table. Contributing members will not play themselves and instead will be watching the session unfold via the streaming channel. A private chat window holds off the usual trolls that often spoil the fun and thus the group can concentrate on the action happening live in front of their eyes. Should the session end in profit, then the contributing members will receive a share based on their contribution.

How WeSpin Casino Works?

Should you be already a streamer, then make sure you join any of the participating ComeOn casino brands and set-up a streamer account that will add you to the list of streams on WeSpin Casino. Schedules and all other aspects need to be agreed on, after which you will stream at the appointed times. Players and viewers will be able to join your group and make their contribution before you start the stream.

Players will need a casino account with the participating site, e.g. ComeOn Casino. Find then the WeSpin tab to access the menu that will display the list of streamers who will be hosting upcoming WeSpin sessions. Shown are the name, starting and estimated finish time, games to be played, current common balance and the number of contributing members as well as a button to join the WeSpin streaming session.

Buy-In and Streaming Session

The Buy-In for a streaming session needs to be completed before the stream starts. Simply click on “Join” and enter the amount you want to contribute to the group pot. The amount will be deducted from your casino balance, so make sure to have sufficient funds available. Click at any time on ‘Refund My Buy-in’ before the start of the stream if you changed your mind.

You will receive a notification when the stream is about to begin. Enter the streaming room to watch it live and chitchat with your fellow members. Usually, the streamer will allow 1-2 minutes for late arrivals and then start playing. Your share of the winnings is directly proportional to your contribution. E.g. if you paid in 200 credits into a total 4,000 credits pot, which is 5%, you will receive 5% of all winnings should the session end if profit. There are tabs on the WeSpin Casino interface that allow you to view your current share of the WeSpin balance. It also tells you how much you have won/lost during the session.

WeSpin Casino will also schedule Celebrity WeSpinners to host a session as well as hold regular competitions and raffles for active members. Prizes include branded merchandise and electronic goods, among other things.

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