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Crazy Time Delivers Crazy Win!

Lucky Player Scoops a Record-Breaking Total of over 13.6 Million Euros!

One of Evolution Gaming’s most popular live games delighted players earlier this week with a 5000 times bet multiplier on mini-game Pachinko during a single round of Crazy Time. The extremely fortunate player won €13,626,014. The record-breaking payout is the highest single win for both online and land-based casinos from a non-progressive jackpot game.

Crazy Time is a Live Casino Game that uses a giant prize wheel of fifty-four sections divided into four cash prizes and four bonus games. One of the bonus games is based on the popular Japanese game Pachinko, which drops a ball into a vertical board full of pegs with prize-winning slots at the base, much like a western pinball machine, and loosely based on an age-old child’s toy.

In addition to the giant wheel, Crazy Time uses a reel to randomly generate a modifier for each spin, which in this particular case, heightened anticipation with an x25 multiplier for Pachinko. The giant wheel came to rest on the Pachinko section, activating the mini-game.

Evolution Gaming 13.6 Million Euro Win Screen Capture

Of the sixteen base-sections for the ball to rest in, a 200x bet top prize was randomly picked for the 25x modifier, resulting in a 5000x bet multiplier possibility which came true as the ball bounced to the right, then left, before the stars aligned for a dream-come-true payout.

Evolution Gaming Record Breaking 13.6 Million Euro Win Screen Capture

Several other players won significant amounts, with three winners reaching close to half a million, the nearest to the blessed fortune being €430,941. Three more participants reached over €300,000, making the total payout across all bettors in excess of 16 million euros.

Founded in 2006, Evolution Gaming leads Live Casino Gaming and beams Crazy Time directly from studios in Riga, Latvia. With a keen market share of the Live Casino phenomenon, this astonishing win will add to the popularity of the premium game developers listed on the Nasdaq stock market.

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