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Would you love it if there would be a “Much Better” way to deposit and withdraw at your favourite gaming sites? Well, here it is, word for word. The app was launched in 2016 to facilitate an easier and faster alternative to other e-wallets with the benefit of lower fees and extra rewards. Plus, members within the EEA can use a free MasterCard debit card for ATM withdrawals or POS payments anywhere where MasterCard is accepted.

Using your MuchBetter account is easy and simple. After downloading the app and registering your account, you can fund it via credit/debit cards or internet banking solutions to instantly have them credited and ready for use at your favourite gaming hangouts. Withdrawals from your gaming accounts to MuchBetter are just as fast and will reflect in your balance the soon the operator has actioned the transfer.

Getting cash into your hands from your MuchBetter account is straightforward either via the free MasterCard or via bank transfer to your verified bank account. You can also use your MuchBetter MasterCard to pay for purchases at POS in stores or online wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Currently, MuchBetter is available in EEA countries, the United Kingdom as well as Canada, China, Brazil, New Zealand and many other countries in Asia, Africa and Americas.


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