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Formed in September 2020, NODA is a provider of Open Banking payment solutions with offices worldwide. The company’s products are built on the Open Banking framework to facilitate real-time bank-to-bank transactions. In short, NODA talks directly to your bank or financial institution to check payment id and transfer funds instantaneously. Furthermore, where enabled, using NODA will authenticate personal information from the source allowing merchants to obtain agreed information to register new customers.

In the case of online casinos, where available, NODA is equipped to bypass registration, allowing instant deposit and play, sometimes referred to as ‘Pay N Play’. Utilising the Open Banking framework, IODA’s services come with state-of-the-art financial security. As the payment is conducted behind your chosen bank’s API (Application Programming Interface), IODA sees nothing more than a notification to approve the requested transaction and, where requested, validate the agreed information.


Payments through traditional methods such as debit cards, credit cards and conventional bank transfers can take anywhere from one or two, up to several working days. Using NODA, online casinos can offer lightning-fast deposits, withdrawals, and identification processes via the instant banking service. Often judged on payment speed, NODA casinos allow hassle-free withdrawals once approved.

In many cases, using a NODA casino affords instant registration, removing the need to fill out lengthy online forms or complete a manual registration process. Customer identity checks are carried out with each transaction, designed to fulfil most standard AML and KYC legislative requirements. Because information is confirmed behind the secure API through the banking system in real-time, no data is stored with NODA or the online casino.

Upon returning to a NODA casino, the process is repeated, and by using your online banking credentials via your bank to log in, transactions are quickly and securely facilitated, making depositing, playing and cashing out a smooth and straightforward process with watertight banking security. Worth noting is that many online casinos will employ a manual approval system for withdrawals, yet when given the green light, the NODA process is virtually instant, transferring funds in seconds.

In summary, NODA acts as a bridge between the casino and your bank account, allowing bank-to-bank transactions. Built on the Open Banking framework, the requested deposit or withdrawal, and customer verification, are checked and confirmed by way of a notification, giving the thumbs-up with no sensitive information being shared or stored by NODA or the casino. NODA casinos may allow instant registration, deposit and play, followed by immediate withdrawals in most cases. NODA is safe, secure and communicates with your chosen bank’s API to exchange financial data to facilitate a transaction.

Joining a NODA online casino couldn’t be easier, sometimes avoiding the need to complete registration, by simply logging in to your online banking, to deposit and play. NODA transactions fall under the umbrella of instant banking, and, once approved, withdrawals are carried out in seconds. In its optimum state, and often when a player becomes a regular at a NODA casino, withdrawals appear in your account before you have time to check, delivering a smooth and seamless online casino experience.


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