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1×2 Gaming is a well-established provider and supplier of fixed odds betting games, general gambling based games, sports based games (mainly football) as well as casino games and slots to casinos worldwide. They are housed in the City of Brighton and Hove in the United Kingdom. The company was originally founded back in 2002 and continues to supply various software products to online casinos across the globe.

One of the major differences between 1×2 and other games providers is the fact that they do not go all out for all singing and dancing products, no over the top fancy graphics and jingles, this however does not make them any less enjoyable.1×2 aims to inject a degree of humour into its designs, thus ideally making their products that much more enjoyable and entertaining for the end user. They also delight in designing their math models towards lower variance payouts, meaning that the chance of that life changing win is far less likely, however, on the other hand, players are much more likely to appreciate longer play time for their money and the appearance of smaller but much more often wins.

1×2 Gaming’s main product as mentioned is their virtual Football range. These include, Virtual Champions, Virtual Europa League, Virtual Pro League, Virtual World Cup, Virtual African Cup and Virtual Legends. They also offer Virtual Rugby and Virtual American Football. Moving towards the ever popular table games 1×2 offer the usual Roulette and Black Jack games in various guises as well as Cribbage, Baccarat and a range of poker based games, to include Texas Hold’ em and Three Card Stud games.

Whilst their slots choice may not be extensive as some of the better known providers out there, they do have a good selection for the “average” player which can provide that much sought after break from maybe a players tried and tested slots. Examples of these, some of which are based on popular themes but with names changed for copyright purposes include, Celebrity in the Jungle based on the popular TV show, Charming Lady Luck based on a very popular land based and online slot, Blood Bank, a five reel vampire based slot, Yule be right, a five reel online slot with a very merry Christmas theme and another game known as Dead World which is based on the immensely popular The Walking Dead comics and television series.


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