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Sumo Sumo
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November 11, 2022


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Squeeze into your mawashi and prepare to wrestle across the reels on the video slot from Elk Studios. Sumo Sumo stomps stacks of sumo multiplier wilds across a 5×5 ring with 259 ways to pay and random sumo brawls for increasing multipliers. Brawl your way into a free spins bonus where stacks stay on the reels between spins, or take a leisurely boat ride and collect cash prizes in an extra bonus game for wins of up to 25,000x your stake.

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Slot Details

Sumo Sumo is a video slot with 5 reels, 5 rows and 259 connected ways to pay. From the leftmost reel, match three or more touching symbols on successive reels for a win. You can jump in for a wrestle from 0.20 to 100 credits per spin. This game has a high volatility rating and a 95% RTP. Alternative RTP designs may exist at some casinos. Check game info upon loading to find the RTP rating.

Sumo Sumo has a Japanese backstreet landscape with a pacey electronic beat mixed with playful cartoon graphics and animation. Symbols are cubed and cut to look like video game icons, and the Sumo wrestlers stomp across the reels with wobbling stacks, ready to fight the opposing team. The game is beautifully rich in design with an industry-leading finish.

Sumo Sumo slot

The pay symbols start at the low end with 3D-pixelated fruit designs of cherries, grapes, lemon and melon. Match five across the reels to win from 0.5x to 2x your bet. Blue and red team Sumo wrestlers follow and matching five blues awards 5xbet, while five-of-a-kind red Sumo symbols award 10x your stake.

A red ‘W’ acts as the wild symbol that substitutes all others except for the free spins and bonus scatter symbols. The free spins scatter is detailed in neon signage and will trigger the free spins bonus for landing on reels one and six. A yellow and black warning sign represents the bonus scatter that triggers the Speedboat Bonus for landing three on a spin.

Sumo Sumo Slot Demo Video

Sumo Sumo Slot Demo – All Features

Sumo Sumo Slot Features

With each Elk Studios announcement comes the anticipation that something special, like the Gold series of games, the Wild Toro Anniversary specials or mesmerising innovation like the Gravity series, may surface. One thing for sure is that the highly-polished finish and epic production values synonymous with Elk Studios command a closer look at each release.

Your basic spin of the game will see you match symbols from the leftmost reel on consecutive reels for a win. Symbols must touch to continue a connection, either directly adjacent, one row above, or one below, to count towards a winning combo.

The gameplay is built around the red and blue Sumo symbols. Most frequently, sumos appear as single symbols but may also land on single reel positions in stacks as a walking multiplier wild. The number of sumos that land in a stack dictates the multiplier value of a Wild Sumo Stack, e.g. five red sumos landing in a stack result in an x5 walking multiplier wild. When more than one Wild Sumo Stack features in a win, they act multiplicatively, e.g. an x2 and an x5 stack would multiply the win by x10.

Wild Sumo Stacks are also created when multiple sumos appear in a winning combo. All sumos contained within the win line duplicate to form a Sumo Stack on the last sumo of the combo unless contributing to more than one win, in which case, multiple Sumo Stacks may form. Lastly, multiple sumos landing on adjacent reels can also create Wild Sumo Stacks at random on a winning spin.

Sumo Sumo Slot Screenshot
Sumo Sumo Slot – Speedboat Bonus

When Wild Sumo Stacks form, a respin triggers and stacks walk one position to their right with each respin until reaching the last reel. Upon reaching doing so, Sumo Stacks turn and repeat the process in the opposite direction before exiting via reel one. Respins continue providing more wins occur, and any horizontally adjacent matching sumo symbols that land next to a stack will join it, increasing the multiplier.

During a respin, should blue and red team Sumo Stacks meet, a wrestle ensues, and the largest stack will knock the other from the reels and gain its value to add to its own. When equal stacks duel, the winning stack is chosen at random. Sumo Stack wrestles may reroute the direction of the winning stack.

Land three bonus scatter symbols to trigger the Speedboat Bonus. The bonus has a Speedboat symbol that starts with a random bet multiplier value. The Speedboat will sail across to collect symbols that land in a direct line, horizontally or vertically, from its position. The symbol is removed once collected, and the Speedboat can continue its collection, providing another symbol is in its line of sight. The highest valued route is always prioritised.

The round begins with a count of three spins that is reduced by one when the Speedboat stays idle. Winning spins that see the Speedboat travel to collect symbols replenish the count to three, continuing the bonus on a potentially neverending basis.

Played on a 5×5 grid, each position has a mini-reel that spins to reveal one of the following symbols. All symbols except for blank positions remain on the grid until collected by the Speedboat:

  • Blank Position: Blank positions have no effect other than to reduce the spin count by one when all symbols land as blanks for a non-winning spin.
  • Swimmer Sumo: Appear with a bet multiplier value that is added to the Speedboat symbol value when collected.
  • Wakeboarder Sumo: Adds its own bet multiplier value before joining the Speedboat at the rear until the end of the round. A Wakeboarder Counter activates, and for every position travelled with the boat, the Wakeboarder Counter increases by one. Any Wakeboarder Sumo collected thereafter will increase the wakeboarder increase count by one until the end of the round, e.g. a Wakeboarder Sumo that has gone through three Wakeboarder Sumos will increase its count by three for each position travelled thereafter.
  • Ramp: The Ramp symbol multiplies the Speedboat, and any Wakeboarder, counts by its own value.
  • Harpoonist & Turbo Harpoonist: Land with a bet multiplier value that it adds to all Sumo Swimmers values on every spin until collected or the round ends. In addition, a Turbo Harpoonist will increase symbol values by its own value for each symbol collected by the Speedboat.
Sumo Sumo Slot Screenshot
Sumo Sumo Slot – Free Spins

Three non-winning spins in a row will end the Speedboat Bonus, regardless of any remaining symbols on the reels. The total win is calculated by adding the Speedboat counter and any Wakeboarder counter in play for the final bet multiplier.

Land a free spins scatter on reels one and six to trigger the Sumo Sumo Free Spins. This game is six free spins played under the same rules as the base game, except that Wild Sumo Stacks will stay on the reels in between spins. Wild Sumo Stacks remain in play for the round without leaving via reel one or by losing a wrestle with another stack. Land a further two scatter symbols on a spin to retrigger another six free spins.

Elk Studios’ X-iter feature presents a choice of Bonus Buy or Win Spin Scenarios for a fixed increase in stake size. X-iter options come tailored for each game as feature triggers, guaranteed win spins, super bonus games and more. The Sumo Sumo X-iter Feature offers a choice of five scenarios:

  • Bonus Hunt | 2x Bet: With Bonus Hunt enabled, the chances of triggering the Speedboat Bonus or Sumo Sumo Free Spins increase.
  • Brawl Mode | 25x Bet: A spin with a guaranteed Wild Sumo Stack wrestle.
  • Speedboat Bonus | 100x Bet: A bonus-triggering spin into the Speedboat Bonus game.
  • Super Speedboat Bonus | 250x Bet: A bonus-triggering spin into the Super Speedboat Bonus where all Harpoonists that may land are guaranteed to become Turbo Harpoonists.
  • Free Spins | 500x Bet: A bonus-triggering spin of the Sumo Sumo Free Spins.

Final Verdict

Few game developers master their craft to the point where almost every release is admirable, and Elk Studios continue to don that cap proudly with this release. Sumo Sumo is a game built around stacked positions of walking wilds that are central to the base game action and serve to amplify the mechanic to stacks-on-steroids during a free spins bonus, where sumo stacks stay on the reels between spins for edge-of-the-seat viewing.

Wobbly stacks of walking sumos add a dash of entertainment to the thrill of extra respins from a lengthy win sequence, possible throughout the game. Some studios might have stopped there, and why not? – in itself, stacked walking wilds of wrestling sumos that stick in the bonus game would be enough for most. Instead, Elk push the boat out for added value with the Speedboat Bonus, which is not too far removed from the coin collect bonus games made famous by the Money Train series, but with an added animated twist. Another fine game from Elk Studios.


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