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Games Lab first appeared in the online casino world in 2008. Its ongoing mission is to supply exciting slots and advanced gaming products for use on desktop and mobile devices. They also create games for social gaming and have developed apps for both Facebook and Android/IOS. Their first social online slots / fruit machines appeared in a desktop only version on Facebook in 2012 and became instant hits among the users. Moving forward since then, they have developed versions of these games that are now available on any Android or iOS device.

Games Lab has taken tremendous pride in developing and releasing general online entertainment games and have a dedicated team behind them committed to the design and development of excellent graphics, storylines, animations in both 2D and 3D sequences. One of their most popular releases to date is a game created for entertainment purposes, namely ‘Final War – 5 Dragons’. Players must fight their way across a fictional land, solving puzzles, overcoming foes and building an army whilst completing achievements to unlock alternative dragons as their quest continues. The game was previously in the design stages for a whopping six years and they were immensely proud when they released it in 2015.

Additionally, the company has a team of developers, programmers and designers who also supply the online casino industry with real money slots. They have secured contracts with numerous licensed casino operators. Some prime examples of their games include Pirate Isle, a colourful and very nicely presented games with not one but three different bonus games, Orc Vs Elf, a beautifully created game based on mythical creatures set against some awesome scenery and fantastic artwork. Also, worth mentioning is their 2017 release Osiris, an Egyptian themed game, with again three various bonus games, including the Underworld, Wild Magic and Ausir features.

Games Lab is an extremely innovative company in that it is open to input and suggestions from just about anyone. Their website invites contact from players, casino operators and potential new business partners to submit their ideas which they will endeavour to insert into their next developments. Currently, they are collaborating with Bad Bunny Comics, developing and supplying a good part of the artwork and storylines for their products. These games can be sampled and seen on GooglePlay and the popular App Store.


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