Fruit Slot

Enter the world of fruit games arcades on the slot from provider Spearhead Studios, formerly GiG Games. Fruit Slot is a roulette-inspired creation that will take you outside the usual video slot experience with a board-style game window where you bet on hitting a symbol that is shown on in a ring pattern, reminiscent of tables found in a traditional Asian gaming house.

Fruit Slot is a roulette-inspired video slot set up in a classic Asian arcade, complete with all the bright colours, ringing and blinking you can expect. It is a fresh step away from the reel-based video slot where strategic betting can lead to wins of up 100x your stake.

Slot Details

Fruit Slot is a casino game with eight standard symbols that are aligned in a ring pattern with a highlight spinning in circles to randomly stop on a position. Pays are awarded when the highlight stops on the selected symbol. Play the game on mobile or desktop from 0.05 to 800 credits. The RTP of this low variance game is set at 96.85%.

The graphics are not really impressive and look like a 5th-grader has assembled them with his/her first paintshop kit. The game window appears in the form of a board that is set in front of heavy red drapes. An Atari video game-style soundtrack only emphasizes the basic design.

You will find eight traditional pay and two free spin symbols. In ascending order they are cherries, oranges, lemons, bells, melons, stars, sevens and bars. Each symbol can also appear marked by x2 or x50 which will award a lower pay when hit. Wins range from 2x to 100x times your bet. Two free spin symbols can be found on the disc as well which will award one respin.

Fruit Slot Pay Mechanic and Features Explained

As mentioned the game does not have a reel set, instead a roulette-type square disc with 24 positions, each marked by a pay symbol or a free spin icon. First, you have to place a bet on one or more symbols you predict the highlight will stop. You can stake from 0.05 to 100 per symbol for a total of 0.40 to 800 if you bet on all symbols.

The round will start and the highlight spins around like a roulette ball to randomly stop on a position. A win is awarded if it stops on a symbol where you placed a bet on and ranges from 2x to 100x times your bet. Landing on a Free Spins icon will give you a free respin, nothing more which is rather disappointing.

Final Verdict

Well, how do you rate a game like this? It looks awful, plays awful and is overall an absolute snooze-fest. You would expect that an experienced outfit would know better. Who in his right mind will find a game fun to play when all you can win is 100x your bet. I might be completely wrong, but I predict this game to disappear from the front page in the casino lobbies within days if not hours.

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