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It’s all about the game at Incredible Technologies (it), a Chicago, Illinois-based company who started out in 1985 as a developer for coin operated video games. Founded by two veterans from the video games industry, they have continuously diversified their products to adapt to the technological changes of our era. Today, they still have their headquarters in the Chicago suburb Vernon Hills and employ over 200 people in design, development and production of a variety of gaming solutions.

Its first major project for the coin operated machine industry was a game called ‘Capcom Bowling’, where players would use a track ball, an early version of today’s computer mouse, to simulate the movement of a bowlers’ swing. Other examples of their earlier products included popular games such as Arlington Horse Racing, Hot Shots Tennis, Poker Dice, Peggle, Blood Storm, Time Killers and Ninja Clowns, all commonly found mainly in amusement arcades and leisure centres.

Midway through 1989, they released what would become their first global hit game. ‘Golden Tee Golf’ uses as well the trackball to emulate the swing of a professional golfer. Building on the success of the game, they released throughout the next decade various upgrades and sequels until 2005, when they launched the first interactive version called Golden Tee Live!. Players could now compete against others via the interconnected terminals to win cash prizes.

The slow but steady decline of coin-operated video games machines at the turn of the century, led Incredible Technologies changed course yet again to adapt to new demands and launched into the casino games market with a range of keno, video slot and video poker games. Today, they are a major supplier of cabinets with multi-game interfaces to land based casinos throughout the world.

Their first foray in the online gaming market came rathe late, considering the boom the industry has gone through since the start of the 21st century. It wasn’t until 2015, when they released their first slots at some casino brands such as Red Queen Casino, Betfair, Ladbrokes and Coral. Their most popular titles include Money Multiplier, Big Prize Bubblegum, Leonidas: King of Spartans and Money Rain.


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