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Journey to the Norse lands for an encounter with the mighty ruler of Valhalla on the slot from Just For The Win powered by Microgaming. Odin’s Riches is the first grid slot to emanate from the studios of the legacy developer, taking you on a highly volatile reel quest across a 7×7 grid with cluster pays, Rolling Reels, random Odin’s Wilds, a charge meter triggering four mini features and a free spins round that can lead to wins of up to 5,000 times your bet.

Slot Details

Odin’s Riches is a 7×7 grid slot with Rolling Reels and cluster pays. Wins are awarded for five or more matching symbols landing horizontally and/or vertically connected. You can journey to the Norse lands on desktop, tablet or mobile from 0.20 to 50 credits per spin. The game has very high volatility with an RTP of 96.07%

While there are no views of the vast Norse lands waiting when you load the games, the structure dark red background conveys a high-quality graphical design. The grid takes centre stage while the charge meter to the left (desktop) will be the focal point during the gameplay to trigger the various features. The main audio is rather generic however the sounds from the dropping symbols gives it that dramatic feeling we expect from Norse-themed slots.

Odin's Riches Screenshot

The pay symbols start at the low end with stones marked with pink, green, yellow and red rune signs, awarding 5x to 12.5x your bet for clusters of 15 or more symbols. They are followed by four animal icons – Odin’s ravens Geri and Freki in purple colours, green serpents, orange wolves and red dragons. Hit 15+ clusters to win 25x to 300x your stake. A golden W acts the wild, substituting for all pay symbols. There are no scatters on the reels.

Odin’s Riches Slot Features

While Microgaming is a pioneer in online gaming, it took them more than two decades to release with Odin’s Riches their first grid slot. They chose Norse mythology and the mighty ruler of Valhalla for their creation and added a plethora of modifiers and features to complement the highly volatile math model. As usual, we will take you through each of them in the best chronological order.

Odin's Riches Random Wilds
Odin’s Riches Slot – Random Odin’s Wilds

At the core of the gameplay is the 7×7 grid with cluster pays and cascading symbols which Microgaming calls Rolling Reels. A total of 49 symbols will drop onto the grid at the start of a spin sequence and landing minimum five horizontally and/or vertically connected constitutes a winner. All symbols from a combo are removed while the remainder falls towards the bottom before new symbols cascade into the empty spaces. The process is repeated as long as more winning clusters occur after a tumble.

Two modifiers will come to your aid on your often treacherous journey to Valhalla. The Odin’s Wilds feature can trigger at the start of every spin sequence in the base game, placing 4-9 wilds on random positions on the grid. Secondly, every removed winning cluster will leave a wild symbol in its wake, making it easier to form more wins after the next cascade.

Odin's Riches - Dragon's Riches Modifier
Odin’s Riches Slot – Dragon’s Riches Mini Feature

While on your reel travels through Midgard, keep an eye on the Charge Meter to the left of the grid (desktop). Divided into five segments, it will trigger the four mini feature and the bonus round when sufficiently charged. All symbols from winning clusters will be added to the meter, queuing one mini feature for every 25 collected symbols. The order of the features is randomly selected in every spin sequence. Any queued modifiers will trigger once no more winning clusters occur.

  • Raven’s Fight: Removes all symbols except wilds along two diagonal lines from the top left and top right to the opposite corners. Once removed, 3-5 wilds are placed in random empty positions.
  • Serpent’s Wisdom: All occurrences of a random low-value symbol are upgraded to a common higher-value symbol.
  • Wolf’s Hunger: All low-value symbols are removed from the grid before a cascade drops new symbols into the empty spaces.
  • Dragon’s Riches: One symbol is randomly chosen to pay scattered without the need for a cluster.
Odin's Riches Free Spins
Odin’s Riches Slot – Free Spins

Charging the meter with 125 or more symbols will trigger 7 Free Spins. Collecting the same amount within a single free spin will retrigger +3 free spins. One mini feature will be queued at the start of every free spin, guaranteeing at least one modifier per game round. The free spins played with a progressive multiplier, starting at x1 and increasing by x1 for every triggered mini feature. Since one is guaranteed to trigger on every spin, you will have at least an x7 multiplier by the time you reach the final spin (without retriggers).

Final Verdict

Odin’s Riches is more than just a decent debut grid slot. While the modifiers are not new or totally out of this world, they do keep the flow of the gameplay and often help scoring more winning clusters. As expected from a Norse-themed slot, it is highly volatile but can fire up at any moment.

Odin’s Riches – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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