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|Microgaming|2022-05-09|RTP: 95.13 %
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Immortal Romance Video Bingo
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Grab your tickets and ready your marker for the video bingo game by Neko Games, powered by Microgaming. Immortal Romance Video Bingo features up to four cards in play with nineteen ways to win for each and an extra bet feature to buy more picks. Play to win one of four randomly awarded fixed jackpots and two pick and click bonus games for wins of up to 3836x your bet.

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Game Details

Immortal Romance Video Bingo is a game played with four tickets, each with a unique set of 15 numbers, 90 numbered bingo balls and 19 ways to pay. Match numbers from the ball drop to form lines or patterns on a ticket for a win. Take a seat for the bingo version of the hit title from 0.04 to 40 (0.01 to 10 credits per ticket) credits per game round. This game is highly volatile, with a 95.13% RTP.

The captivating music from the original game will put some players at immediate ease upon loading Immortal Romance Video Bingo. Sarah appears beside the game window, and the graphics are taken from the original Microgaming hit, Immortal Romance.

Neko Games Immortal Romance Video Bingo
Neko Games Immortal Romance Video Bingo

Worth noting is that your total bet is divided across the number of tickets in play. e.g. a 1 credit stake equals 0.25 credits for each ticket when calculating wins across four tickets. Match numbered balls to the bingo tickets and form patterns or lines for a win according to the key. There are 19 ways to win by forming straight lines to patterns displayed next to the game window.

Multiple payouts can be awarded by forming more than one win pattern across tickets, but if a new pattern is formed from an existing one, only the highest valued pattern is paid for each. A single straight line awards 2x your bet per ticket and a double line pays 120x your bet. Winning patterns award anywhere from 4x up to 2,250x the ticket bet for a full house.

Immortal Romance Video Bingo Features

Neko Games has burst on the scene with several video bingo games, including Fu 88, Don Bingote and the recently released 1524 Golden Quest. Through Microgaming, they have the opportunity to use a legendary title, Immortal Romance, to shoot their video bingo-style of gaming further into the limelight. Let’s pull up a chair, grab our marker and see what heart-tugging moments await.

The game window frames four bingo tickets, each with fifteen numbers between 1 – 90. Each card has a unique set of numbers which you can switch for another set by selecting the relevant card before placing a bet. You can choose to play with one to four tickets. Playing with all four tickets enables the chance of triggering one of four fixed jackpots. When ready, thirty numbered balls are dropped from the possible ninety and matching numbers on tickets are marked in gold. There are nineteen different ways to win by forming lines or patterns according to the paytable.

Neko Games Immortal Romance Video Bingo Extra Bet
Neko Games Immortal Romance Video Bingo – Extra Bet

At the end of the ball drop, you can choose to purchase up to 12 extra balls from the remaining selection of numbers. The Immortal Romance lion’s head door knocker emerges surrounded by twelve question marks, with an Extra Bet cost to buy a ball and reveal a number. The cost of an extra ball relates to the remaining opportunities on the tickets and can be higher than your initial stake. Some extra balls can be revealed as wild, which allows you to choose a number on any ticket to complete.

Special coins may be hidden in some balls during Extra Bet and are collected in the Lion Door Knocker. Collect enough, and you can randomly trigger the Chamber of Jackpots feature if all four tickets are in play. Twelve coins appear for a pick ‘n’ click game where you must match three of the game’s characters to win one of the following jackpots:

  • Amber: 12.5x total stake.
  • Troy: 62.5x stake.
  • Michael: 625x stake.
  • Sarah: 2500x stake.
neko Games Immortal Romance Video Bingo - Chamber of Jackpots
Neko Games Immortal Romance Video Bingo – Chamber of Jackpots

Besides awarding 225x and 350x total stake, two of the winning patterns will award bonus games. Eternal Chambers is a pick ‘n’ click game with five levels of increasingly valuable prizes. Choose to reveal a prize and progress to the next level or unveil a collect message to cash out your current winnings. Each level has one collect message except for the first, which has none. Win up to 1695x and a 1400x fixed prize in ticket value. The fixed prize is replaced by the bingo (full house) prize if achieved on the same ticket.

Neko Games Immortal Romance Video Bingo Eternal Chambers
Neko Games Immortal Romance Video Bingo – Eternal Chambers

Immortal Picker is a single round pick ‘n’ click bonus where you can win up to 1400x and 900x fixed prize per ticket value. Choose to reveal cash prizes beneath items until you reveal the collect message to claim your total before returning to the main game.

Final Verdict

If you like bingo, picking and clicking cash prizes, plus a chance of four fixed jackpots, then Immortal Romance Video Bingo will fuel your gaming passion. A bit more variety from the three extra features (all pick and click games) might have garnered a broader appeal, and some fans may be disappointed the reels from the original game do not feature somehow, which would have widened the audience even more.

As a blueprint, video bingo with four jackpots and two bonus games based on a historical slot sounds like a nice package, particularly with the Immortal Romance name. In reality, the variety is stifled by only pick-and-click features that some might find repetitive.

Immortal Romance Video Bingo – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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2. If there are 19 ways to win, how come there are only 15 patterns to the pay matrix on Immortal Romance Video Bingo?
3. What is the RTP of Immortal Romance Video Bingo from Neko Games?


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