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|Play’n GO|2020-10-01|RTP: 96.20 %
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September 10, 2020


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The comical gang of cute alien creatures is back on the slot from Play’n GO, bigger and wilder than ever. Reactoonz 2 is the sequel to the immensely popular original Reactoonz from 2017 and sees a return of all characters and the introduction of new features and wilds. Reach level 3 on the Quantumeter and overcharge it to unleash the mighty Gargantoon with an x2 multiplier that can lead to wins of up to 3,000 times your bet.

Update 4th September 2020: Play’n GO announced in a bulletin that the max win potential for Reactoonz 2 has been increased to 5,083x bet. To achieve the feat, they reportedly upgraded the x2 Gargantoon Wild making it even more powerful alongside large high-value symbol clusters. More details will emerge by 17th September. However, the odds to hit the max win are excruciatingly low at 3.7E-15 or in clear words 1:3700 trillion spins (not a typo). That will be a long Garga grind, hence, we decided to leave the original value for now.

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Reactoonz 2 Slot Preview Screenshots

Reactoonz 2 is a 7×7 grid slot with cascading symbols and cluster pays. Wins are awarded for clusters of five or more matching symbols landing horizontally and/or vertically connected. You can join the gang of aliens on desktop or mobile from 0.20 to 100 credits per spin. The game has high volatility (8/10) with a default RTP of 96.20%. Lower RTP settings at 94.20% or 91.20% might be offered, always check the help files to find out which version you will be playing.

An intergalactic vortex is in the background of the frameless game window with three displays on the flanks showing the progress and wins of the current spin sequence. The cute gang of alien creatures from the original is returning in all its glory joined by the new Energoon Wild. An astral blast will be unleashed once you trigger the fabled Gargantoon.

Reactoonz Slot – First 100 Spins in Demo Mode

The pay symbol set is virtually unchanged, consisting of a comical gang of alien creatures in a variety of shapes and colours. The most obvious difference is, however, the number of eyes. At the low end, they are one-eyed aliens in yellow, dark green, brown and purple colours, followed by two-eyed aliens in blue, orange, light green and pink colours on the high level. Pays for clusters of five range from 0.1x to 1x your bet. The maximum win per symbol is awarded for clusters of 15 or more symbols, ranging from 3x to 500x your stake. Wild symbols are the vortex orbs and Gargantoon himself as well as the new Wild Energoon, substituting for all symbols. There are no scatter or bonus symbols on this slot.

Reactoonz 2 Slot Features

The original Reactoonz slot was released in 2017 and is probably the most popular creation from Play’n GO, maybe second to Book of Dead. The game itself was a follow-up to Energoonz, a simpler affair but it put Play’n GO on the path to become the master of grid slots that they are today. Reactoonz 2 is in some way combining the two to give the gameplay that extra suspense and mid-level win potential in the 500x – 1,500x range. The max is 3,000x stake but with minimal odds of just 1E-11 to hit it (1:100 billion spins). Still, plenty to play for. So get ready as we are taking you through the flurry of features and extras available on this sequel.

Just like the original, Reactoonz 2 has at its core the cascading symbols mechanic with cluster pays. At the start of a spin sequence, 49 symbols cascade from the top onto the 7×7 game grid. Hit any clusters of five or more matching symbols connected horizontally and/or vertically and you have a winner. All symbols in the combo will explode and new symbols will drop into place. This continues as long as new winning clusters hit after a fresh cascade. All wins are accumulated and paid once a spin sequence concludes.

Reactoonz 2 Electric Wilds

So far, no changes to the original. There will be more similarities in the modifiers and features but Play’n GO went to quite some length to also implement new extras into the gameplay. Still included are the Fluctuating Symbols, albeit in a slightly altered form. A random one-eyed symbol fluctuates on each new round which is visualized by a glow around the respective symbols. If fluctuating symbols form a winning cluster, one single Electric Wild is created on a random spot of the removed symbols. At the same time, all removed fluctuating symbols are added to the Fluctometer, the top of two meters on the right of the game grid (desktop version). Once fully charged with 11 removed symbols it will create 1, 2 or 3 Electric Wilds on random positions after all wins and cascades play out. The Fluctometer can be charged repeatedly within a spin sequence and will be deactivated only if Gargantoon is released. The meter will reset between spins.

Reactoonz 2 Wild Pair Explosion

Having two or more Electric Wilds in view once all cascades and extras have played out will trigger the Wild Pair Explosion. Two Electric Wilds are randomly chosen, always preferring those that are horizontally or vertically adjacent. A pair of adjacent wilds will remove all symbols from the grid except other wilds. In turn, two non-adjacent Electric Wilds will remove only the symbols between them. In both cases, all removed symbols are added to the Quantumeter but no wins will be paid for them. New symbols drop then into place and the spin sequence continues as normal.

And there is more. Uncharged Wilds (dark blue orbs in the screenshot above) can land on any cascade and will stay inactive until a winning cluster is formed horizontally or vertically adjacent to them. Alternatively, they will always be activated when a Wild Pair Explosion is triggered. Once that happens, they transform into single Electric Wilds.

Reactoonz 2 Energoon Wild

The second and more important display on the right of the grid is the Quantumeter with 4 levels. All non-wild, one-eyed and two-eyed symbols removed by an Electric Wild through wins or a Wild Pair Explosion will charge the Quantumeter. Various wilds will be released at each level once all cascades and modifiers have played out.

  • Quantumeter Level 1 – 55 symbol charges: Releases four 1×1 Energoon Wilds and places them on random grid positions
  • Quantumeter Level 2 – 85 symbol charges: Releases one 2×2 Energoon Wild and places it on a random grid position
  • Quantumeter Level 3 – 110 symbol charges: Releases one 3×3 Gargantoon Wild and places it on a random grid position
  • Overcharged Quantumeter Level 4 – 135 symbol charges: Releases one 3×3 Gargantoon Wild with an x2 multiplier and places it on a random grid position

Any modifiers will reduce the counter on the Quantumeter and you will have to collect them again in one sequence to trigger Gargantoon. As long as you do not reach level 3 after all winning clusters are counted and cascades are done, the order for triggered modifiers will always be Fluctometer – Quantumeter – Wild Pair Explosion. All meters will be disabled once you hit level three or four.

Reactoonz Slot Demo – x2 Gargantoon (Sequence starts at 03:35)

Expect nothing less than total reel mayhem once Gargantoon is unleashed. First, the 3×3 Gargantoon Wild will pay out all possible wins and once new a cascade comes in, two 2×2 Gargantoon Wilds are placed on random positions. Again, all wins are paid followed by another cascade and now nine 1×1 random Gargantoon Wilds. Wins are yet again awarded where formed before the round ends. Remember, that releasing Gargantoon on level 4 will double all wins where he is part of.

Final Verdict

Well, if there ever has been a really good sequel to an immensely popular slot, Reactoonz 2 comes very close to that. Play’n GO did a stellar job in keeping the original DNA of the game while introducing new wilds, features and modifiers that will deliver an even more suspenseful gaming experience. What has not changed either is the main win potential which should be again in the 500x to 1,500x range. Anything higher will be an absolutely rare outlier.


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