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|Play’n GO|2018|RTP: 96.52 %
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Sweet Alchemy
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December 28, 2019


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Join the dashing sorceress for a sugary reel delight on the slot from Play’n GO. Sweet Alchemy will see her filling the cauldron with candied ingredients before casting her spells to melt winning clusters and fill up the Sugar Rush meter to trigger reel modifiers. Enter the Mix the Elixir and Elixir of Power bonus features with free cascades and you could pocket wins of up to 3,000 times your bet. That sounds like confection perfection!

Slot Details

Sweet Alchemy is a 5×5 grid slot with cluster pays. It will increase to a 9×9 format in the bonus round. Wins are awarded for clusters of four or more adjacent matching symbols, horizontally or vertically. You can mix the cauldron on desktop or mobile from 0.10 t0 100 credits per spin. The game has high volatility (9/10) with a default RTP of 96.52%. Some operators might offer it with the secondary RTP setting of 94.50%, always read the help files to find out which version you will be playing.

You will be ascending to a heavenly realm where the dashing alchemist is standing ready at her magic cauldron on the right of a biscuit-shaped game window. The reels are filled with scrumptious candies and chocolates while a meter on the left will indicate your current winnings. A treasure chest underneath the meter is holding your bonus winnings for progressing on the Elixir Bonus trail. A suspenseful soundtrack rounds off the slot design.

The pay symbols start with simple candies a variety of forms and colours – turquoise doughnut, purple cone, green bean and blue cube. Pays for clusters of eight or more symbols award 2x to 6x your stake. They are followed by more elaborate candies in pastille, nut, heart and star shapes, paying 15x to 30x your bet when eight or more land in a cluster.

The game has no scatter symbol but a variety of wilds such as striped or chocolat- coated with colourful sprinkles candies. A standard striped round candy wild can land on any cascade while the others will be added by the alchemist once the Sugar Rush meter reaches the respective levels.

Sweet Alchemy Slot Features

In the last few years, Play’n GO has established itself as the master of grid slots. Core to their creations is a storyline-like gameplay that progresses in a logical order as you score consecutive wins within a spin sequence. A meter will keep track and unleash a variety of extras and modifiers that will make it easier to score not only sizeable wins but get you closer to trigger the main bonus features.

Every spin sequence starts with a set of 25 symbols dropping from the top onto the 5×5 grid. Any winning clusters will be paid and then removed to allow for new symbols to fall into place. At the same time, the number of symbols in the winning clusters are added to the Sugar Rush Meter on the right of the grid. As the meter fills up, special wilds will be added to random positions on the reels. It will reset at the end of a spin sequence.

  • 6 collected symbols: Two round striped wilds are placed randomly, potentially creating more winning clusters
  • 13 collected symbols: Two striped cube wilds are placed randomly. If they become part of a winning combo, they will remove all other symbols in their row or column.
  • 25 collected symbols: Two sprinkled chocolate wilds are placed randomly. If they become part of a winning combo, they will remove all instances of a random pay symbol, creating new spaces for more candies to drop onto the grid.
  • 38 collected symbols: Triggers the Mix The Elixir bonus round with three Candy Spells. Every three additional candies collected will award +1 candy spell.

Triggering the Mix the Elixir bonus round will increase the grid to a 9×9 format for the duration of the feature. The alchemist will start an initial symbol drop. Any winning combinations will disappear just like in the base game, only that now the Bonus meter on the right is different. One low and one high-value symbol are randomly chosen as collectable symbols. All instances from a winning cluster are added to the meter. You will need a total of 11/6, 21/11 and 26/16 low/high-value symbols to progress through three levels. A golden star will illuminate each time a level is completed.

Any time no winning clusters occur after new symbols cascade into the empty spaces, the alchemist will unleash one randomly chosen Candy Spell. There are three on offer, each modifying the reels to potentially create new winners.

  • Sweet Surprise: A random number 7 to 12 wilds are added to the reels
  • Sugar Bombs: Blast aways 7 to 15 candies, making space for new ones to drop into place
  • Mixed Candy: The alchemist will send all candies on the grid into a swirl and reshuffle them.

The Collection period and with that the first part of the feature concludes once you have used up all Candy Spells. Reaching level one, two or three on the collection meter will reward you with the Elixir of Power bonus. The alchemist will lead you to a new screen with a 5×5 grid of chocolate pralines. On the left is a display with five elixirs, each offering an increasingly better extra prize.

Your aim is to find three matching elixir bottles on the grid. The prizes are according to the level you reached during the collection period. Pick chocolate pralines until you have three matching ones to receive the respective prize, which will be added to the winnings from the collection round.

  • Purple Elixir: awards 2x | 3x | 5x bet for level 1 | 2 | 3.
  • Turquoise Elixir: awards 3x | 5x | 10x bet for level 1 | 2 | 3.
  • Green Elixir: awards 5x | 10x bet for level 1 | 2, 3x total win for level 3.
  • Red Elixir: awards 2x | 3x | 5x total win for level 1 | 2 | 3.
  • Orange Elixir: awards 3x | 5x | 10x total win for level 1 | 2  | 3.

It is not the end yet if you made it to the Elixir of Power bonus. You might have asked yourself what the small Treasure Chest on the left of the grid stands for as the number it displays keep growing during your gameplay. It is an extra prize you get to collect for entering three times the Elixir Power bonus round. A separate amount of 15% of your winnings in the base game is added to the chest. The total accumulated amount will be paid out once you reach the respective stage on the map.

Final Verdict

Well, if this doesn’t please your sweet tooth, nothing will. Filled to the brim with extras, bonus features and magic spells, Sweet Alchemy comes close to confection perfection. Beware though, the alchemist might appear friendly but the game is highly volatile, which could lead to sour grapes instead of sweet surprises.


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