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Turn It Up!

“Born to lose. Live to win.”  (Lemmy Kilmister, 2010)

Turn up your speakers to the max for a loud session on the reels of the slot from Push Gaming that would make Lemmy proud. A live concert stage, complete with blaring speakers, sets the tone for an outstanding gaming experience with extra thrills and surprising turns. Get a blast with Reel Enhancers, Random Win Spins and a free spins round with a final twist to score wins of up to 2,500x your bet.

Slot Details

Turn It Up! is a video slot with five reels, three rows and 10 fixed pay lines. Entrance to the show is granted for 0.10 to 100 credits. The high variance game has an RTP of 96.51%. Autoplay will allow you to select 10 to 100 consecutive spins with a mandatory loss limit when the run should stop.

Graphics and Visuals

Dropping the game window on to a live concert stage with a cheering crowd in front is the first hint that this game will be loud and it will be exciting. A dark colour theme underlines the connection to the wild world of the rock band performing a headlining gig on the reels. A fast-paced rock sound provides the fitting audio to the usual reel noises.

Pay Symbols

Open the game to find the card suits – clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades – at the low end. A guitar, a set of drums and a microphone feature on the medium level. Top symbols are the band members – a guitarist, a female drummer and the lead singer. Wild is an intricately designed tile with a golden skull, substituting for all symbols except scatters. Pays for a single five of a kind range from 1x to 25x your bet.

Scatters are yet another intricate tile with a fist showing the typical rock hand sign, stretching the second and fourth finger into the air. Along with headbanging, it is synonymous with rock and heavy metal music.

Reel Enhancers Explained

Ever thought that losing spins could turn into something good? Well, get ready for a new pay mechanic that can flip a winning combo after a losing streak into a mega win. Turn It Up! has three reel enhancers that can achieve just that – Wild Symbol Conversion, Symbol Removal and Multiplier Enhancer.

At the start of every spin, the game randomly activates one of the three features, highlighting it on the display on top of the game window. A number of consecutive losing spins will activate the enhancer on the next winning spin. Once an enhancer is completed, the game randomly chooses the next one if no win has landed on the reels. This can lead to having multiple enhancers active at the same time. All enhancers are reset to the default once a winning spin has occurred.

  • Wild Symbol Conversion – a random symbol from the bar on top of the game window is transformed into a wild symbol. Consecutive losing spins will lead to more symbols being replaced with wild symbols, providing a higher potential to score big wins. All highlighted symbols are reset after a winning spin.
  • Symbol Removal – the game will remove one randomly chosen pay symbol from the reels for every two consecutive losing spins. A display on top of the game window indicates the progress.
  • Win Multiplier – an increasing multiplier is activated after a defined number of losing spins. The x2 multiplier is activated after three consecutive losing spins, the x3 multiplier after a further four losing spins and so on, up to a maximum of x10. The highlighted multiplier will then be applied to the next winning spin.

The Random Win Spin

The feature is randomly triggered on a winning spin. When activated, multiple Reel Enhancers light up and are applied to the reels to create guaranteed bigger wins. The feature cannot be triggered in the Free Spins.

The Free Spins with a Final Twist

The show will get louder in the free spins round as one Reel Enhancer activates instantly on every losing spin without being reset until the end of the feature. Scatters on reels one, three and five will award five free spins. Plus, any active Reel Enhancers on the triggering spin will be transferred and will stay on throughout the bonus round.

And here comes the final twist. The last of the five free spins was a losing spin, leaving a number of Reel Enhancers active and you think it’s all over? Not yet, as the “One More Win” feature kicks in to award unlimited spins until one more winning combo lands on the reels. Plus, more enhancers will be activated on each additional losing spin. All enhancers are applied once a winning combo hits the reels, finally ending the free spins round and resetting all counters to the default.

Final Verdict

Is this the headbangin’ slot we were looking for? It is indeed an exhilarating game with sky-high variance, that will take you on a rollercoaster ride in every session. You’ve been warned. Just sayin’.

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