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Go on a quest to find the legendary City of Gold on the slot from ReelPlay, formerly Chance Interactive. El Dorado Infinity Reels is taking you deep into the South-American jungle where the indigenous Muisca people and their mythical tribal chief have been the subjects of countless tales and rumours surrounding a supposedly lost city full of silver and gold. El Dorado remains to this day an undiscovered myth that for centuries has fascinated conquistadores, explorers and archaeologists alike.

Reel Play has themed their slot around the fabled city and created a new mechanic that keeps adding more reels to the game window as long as more winning symbols land on the respin, no limits. Simultaneously, a win multiplier is increased by x1 with each extra reel. And that’s not all. Growing the game window by 12 or more reels will pay a jackpot of 888x your bet while hitting minimum five scatters will trigger a free spins round with unlimited multipliers that can lead to wins of up to 6,250x your bet.

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Slot Details

El Dorado Infinity Reels is a video slot with a default 3×4 format and symbol count pay mechanic. Wins are awarded for minimum five matching symbols on adjacent reels starting from the first. Pays are calculated by multiplying the number of matching symbols with the attributed value for the symbol. For example, having five top symbols will pay 5 count x 0.5 symbol value = 2.5 times the bet. More reels are added on the right when further symbols land on the respin (more to that in a moment).

Your quest to find the legendary City of Gold on desktop or mobile starts at 0.20 credits and peaks at 40 credits per spin. Operators might choose to offer a lower maximum bet. The game has medium to high volatility with an RTP range of 95.51 – 96.54% based on which Free Spins level is played.

Firing up the game will bring up a typical scenery that always comes to our minds when we think of South America. Lush vegetation that seems to be greener than green, a sprawling waterfall and sunrays protruding through scattered clouds complete a picturesque scene that you would typically find on a postcard. Surprisingly, some Aztec temples appear once the game window expands to the right although El Dorado is actually associated with the indigenous Muisca people. A native flute soundtrack completes the slot design.

El Dorado Infinity Reels Demo Video – Courtesy of ReelPlay

The pay symbols are held on engraved stone blocks and can all appear fully stacked, including the temple scatters. The low end consists of six gemstones in green, orange, blue, yellow, red and purple colours. A single symbol is valued between 0.05x to 0.1x your bet with a minimum of five needed for a win. They are followed by four artistic tribal masks with green, blue, red and yellow backgrounds The value per symbols increase to 0.15x to 0.4x your stake.

The mythical yet never found tribal chief of El Dorado is the wild symbol, appearing on any reel bar the first and substituting for all regular symbols. A typical Aztec temple serves as the scatter, paying 0.4x your stake per scatter when minimum five land on a spin.

El Dorado Infinity Reels Slot Features

ReelPlay is presenting with this creation their newly developed mechanic called Infinity Reels that promises to add reels to the game window without limits. All spins start with three reels and scoring a win with matching symbols present on all reels or hitting at least two scatters on reel three will see one reel being added to the right. The new reel will spin once while the others are held to potentially land more matching symbols or scatters in which case the process is repeated, well, ad infinitum. It will all come to an abrupt end when no new symbols land on the added reel that further improves the winning combo.

Simultaneously, a multiplier is activated the soon one reel is added. It starts at x1 and increases by x1 for each further reel, again, ad infinitum in synch with the number of added reels. Once a spin sequence ends, wins are calculated by multiplying the total number of winning symbols in view with the symbol value from the paytable and then multiplied again by the achieved round multiplier. As shown in the example below, we had a total of 13 green mask and wild symbols which yielded 13×0.30 = 3.90 credits before the round multiplier of x4 was applied, resulting in a win of 3.90×4 = 15.60 credits. The game window resets to the default 3×4 format before the next spin sequence.

El Dorado Infinity Reels Mechanic

There is one more twist that will have a significant impact on your potential winnings and is sure to be the reason for some nailbiting moments. Adding 12 reels within one spin sequence will award a jackpot pay of 888x your bet. However, it will not be subject to the round multiplier.

Hitting five or more temple scatters within a single spin sequence will trigger 10 Free Spins at Level 1. The game leads to a second screen where you will be presented with three options.

  • Store: You can store the feature and go for another trigger which will award then Level 2 Free Spins, up to the moment you reach Level 4, at which point the game will automatically start the feature.
  • Play: Click play to start the feature at the achieved level
  • Gamble: You can gamble the currently available feature to boost it to the next level. The wheel will spin once and landing on green will increment the level by 1. However, losing the gamble will see you lose it all, hence, some caution is recommended

You might have asked yourself by now what the advantage is for storing the Free Spins feature. There is only one and it is rather powerful. It all goes back to the progressive multiplier we explained earlier. In Level 1 Free Spins it will increase by x1 for each added reel just like in the base game.

Level 2 Free Spins steps up the increase to x2 per reel, while Level 3 raises the steps to x3 and ultimately Level 4 to x4 for each and every added reel in a spin sequence. As an example, adding two reels on a Level 1 free spin will increase the multiplier to x3 (starting multiplier of x1 plus two times by x1) while on a Level 4 free spin that is x9 (starting multiplier of x1 plus two times x4).

And here’s the final kicker, which again will play a rather big role when choosing which Level Free Spins are being played. During the feature, the multiplier never resets, instead, it keeps growing, well, again ad infinitum. What is definitely limited are the number of free spins as retriggers are not available.

Final Verdict

As with any new pay or reel mechanic, there is an air of suspense and at the same time scepticism around when we fire up the slot for the first time. It is also the reason, why we play the game for hours in extended test runs to get a better feeling whether it is a blast or more likely a failure. Well, after spinning the reels for 4+ hours on El Dorado Infinity Reels we have come to a few main conclusions.

First, it is indeed something we have not seen in this form on any video slot to date. That counts as a positive in the meanwhile matured online slot world and real innovations are rather a scarce occurrence. The mechanic can be both exhilarating and tedious. While opening up 10+ reels will definitely end in a big or even mega win, getting there takes an awful lot of spins at times.

Next, are the free spins options which we are sure will provide heated discussions in the forums as to what the best strategy is. With an average trigger of 1:129, it will take on most occasions well over 500 spins to reach the potentially most lucrative level 4, which means long waiting times but at the same time no guarantee for bigger wins. Gambling the feature every time could prove disastrous for your playing balance as losing it a few times in a row will surely have a heavy impact. Finally, playing in on level 1 seemed like not really capable of delivering the super mega wins us slot nerds are chasing on a daily basis. We tried all options repeatedly and would recommend to mix it up between storing and gambling.

Overall, ReelPlay created something special that no other game provider released so far. The visuals and animations are stunning while the audio has been perfectly synchronized to the action on the reels. The win potential of up to 6,250 x bet should please even hardcore slotters. We already added the slot to our ‘must-try’ list when it will be released at the end of November 2019.


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