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|Relax Gaming|2021-07-20|RTP: 98.00 %
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Money Cart 2
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November 8, 2021


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The gang are back again, but this time there’ll be no messin’ in Money Cart 2 from Relax Gaming. Money Cart 2 takes the re-spin bonus made famous on Money Train and Money Train 2 for a new spin in its very own slot. Keeping all the popular modifiers, theme and explosive steampunk animation, just leaving out the base game and fuelling the adrenalin, for wins of up to 5000 times your stake.

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Slot Details

Money Cart 2, or to give it its full title, Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels, is a video slot with five reels and four rows awarding a bonus re-spin feature for landing three or more triggering scatter symbols. Wins are awarded from a re-spin bonus identical to the Money Train 2 feature. You can steal riches with the gang from 0.10 credits up to 200 credits per spin. The game is highly volatile (5/5), has a hit frequency into the bonus of roughly 1 in 10 and an impressive single RTP of 98%.

No change from Money Train 2, aside from new instructions and a reminder that wins are one-tenth of your bet size. For those new to slots, Money Cart 2 is visually and audibly identical to Money Train 2, with the same Western setting and steampunk styled locomotive, explosive animations and pops of sound narrating the train-heist themed features. Only this time, there is no transition to the bonus, but instead, a direct jump into the re-spin feature, making play a bit pacier.

Relax Gaming Money Cart 2 screenshot_20210616_1230

Money Cart 2 pays a total coin multiplier from the results of a re-spin bonus round. Coin values equate to one-tenth of your bet size, e.g. 0.10 credits = 0.01 coin value, 1 credit = 0.10 coin value, 10 credits = 1 coin and so on. Landing three or more Bonus symbols, appearing as chain-gun barrels, will trigger the re-spin bonus round. At the start, the Bonus symbols that triggered the round change to random coin values. Silver symbols start with a coin value between 1 and 10. Gold symbols carry starting values between 20 and 200 coins. Nine modifiers bring different effects to the re-spin bonus, centred around the train robbing gang and their tools, in design. Three of these are Gold-Persistent modifiers which also substitute as Bonus symbols during a basic game spin.

Money Cart 2 Slot Features

Relax Gaming cleverly twist the most simple things to great effect and demonstrate clear wisdom and understanding of what players want. Book of 99 gave the best-tested bang for your buck possible, focusing on the better end of RTP against most others; now Money Cart 2 goes straight for the jugular with a slot that makes child’s-play of one of the best re-spin bonuses ever made. Let’s see how brilliant this spin of a classic bonus just might be.

Relax Gaming Money Cart 2 persistant payer modifier screenshot

A basic round starts with all available symbols and modifiers on the reels and landing a mix of three or more Bonus symbols or Persistent Gold symbols will trigger the Money Cart 2 Re-spin Bonus. Each Bonus symbol that triggered the round changes to a coin value symbol and any Persistent Gold Modifiers will take effect to begin the round. Starting with a count of 3 re-spins, any symbols landing will reset the count to 3, only counting down if a spin draws blanks. The round continues until re-spins expire, you complete the grid or hit the maximum win. A counter keeps a tally of your current coin total with symbols and modifiers taking effect when landing. Completing a reel will also trigger dynamite explosions, expanding the grid to up to a possible 7×4 size.

Both gold and silver coin symbols make the totals that the modifiers play with. The silver coin symbols are the most prevalent symbol on the reels.

  • Silver Symbols Start with a coin value between 1 and 20.
  • Gold Symbols Start with a coin value from 20 – 200.

Next, six Non-Persistent Modifiers increase and affect totals by bringing different effects to the reels and also reset the re-spin counter, should they feature.

  • Payer | Cowgirl in blue: Shoots a coin value to all other symbols, adding to their totals
  • Collector | Indian warrior in orange: Starts with its own coin value and then collects all other values on the reels and adds them to it’s own total.
  • Collector/Payer | Cowgirl & Indian: A combination of the two adds all other values to its own and then shoots that total back out, adding to the others again.
  • Sniper| Mexican in green: Reveals its own value and then doubles the value of others by shooting from 3 to 8 bullets. This can shoot several bullets to one coin which will double each value in turn.
  • Necromancer | Cowboy in red: Starting with its own coin value can bring from 2 to 7 already used non-persistent modifiers back to life for another turn.
  • Reset Plus | Broken Pocketwatch: After revealing its own coin value this increases the starting value of the re-spin counter by one.
Rleax Gaming Money Cart 2 screenshot

Gold Persistent symbols also act as bonus symbols during a basic spin. They work similarly to the aforementioned modifiers but with a persistent effect carried through until the end of the round.

  • Persistent Payer | Gatling Gun: Reveals a value and then sprays the value to all other values on the grid for that spin and any that follow until the end of the bonus.
  • Persistent Sniper | Sniper Rifle: Reveals a coin value and then doubles other values with 3 to 8 shots. Again, this can shoot the same coin more than once. This also repeats for each spin until the end of the bonus.
  • Persistent Collector | Giant Magnet: After showing its own value it collects all other values to add to its own. This repeats for each remaining spin of the bonus round.

Should you complete the entire grid and fill all positions the round ends and adds 500 coins to the current coin win total.

Final Verdict

Money Cart 2 is simple genius. Taking the Money Train 2 bonus, Relax Gaming made a whole game from it that shouldn’t work, but does, and very well. The hit frequency for the bonus round is stupid (we hit 3 in a row in demo play), that makes for fast-paced action that UK players and low rollers, in particular, will love; it’s like taking a bonus buy without paying the premium, albeit at a fraction of the reward in comparison.

However, Money Cart 2 still caters for the high rollers with an increase in max bet to compensate for the reduction in coin value. Relax Gaming proving once again, that in 2021, they are the player’s developer. Some casinos made Book of 99 a hard-to-find title, it will be interesting to see if they can snub the irresistible allure of Money Cart 2.

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