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|Relax Gaming|2022-08-10|RTP: 94.00 %
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TNT Tumble Dream Drop
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July 9, 2022


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Get ready to return to the mines for another gem haul on the jackpot slot from Relax Gaming. TNT Tumble Dream Drop is identical to the original from 2020 but includes now the Dream Drop network with five progressive must-drop jackpots. A 5×7 grid will see you descend into the mine to uncover tumbling symbols, wild stacks that will drill down for more wins as well as dynamite bundles that will free the game area and trigger a free spins feature that can lead to wins of up to 10,000 times your bet (TBC). Trigger the Dream Drop Jackpots bonus game and you could emerge from the mines with up to €10 million.

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Slot Details

TNT Tumble Dream Drop is a cascading grid slot in a 5×7 format. Pays are awarded for three or more matching symbols landing horizontally or vertically connected. You can descend into the gem mine on desktop, tablet or mobile from 0.20 to 100 credits per spin. The game has high volatility with an RTP of 94%, which includes 12% contribution to the Dream Drop Jackpots.

The visuals and sounds are identical to the original from 2020, taking you to a serene mountain scene with snowcapped mountain tops on a sunny day. An elevator-style game grid is populated by various gems, stone blockers, dynamite bundles and wild drills. Once the free spins are triggered, you will descend into the mines to dig for the precious gems.

TNT Tumble Dream Drop

The pay symbol set consists of six gems in a variety of shapes and colours – silver, bronze, blue, green, orange and red. Hitting five connected will pay 0.7x to 2.5x your bet. Opening up the full grid will provide the opportunity to land seven matching symbols connected vertically for payouts of 4x to 15x. A drill marked with the word itself performs the usual substitution duties while also yielding 2.5x or 50x your bet for five or seven respectively.

TNT Tumble Dream Drop Slot Features

The original TNT Tumble was seen as a sequel to Tower Tumble and saw players descending into a mine in search of precious gems instead of climbing a tower to free the princess. Relax Gaming decided to release some of their creations in combination with the Dream Drop Jackpots which means identical gameplay with a lower RTP but a chance at massive payouts of up to €10 Million.

TNT Tumble Dream Drop

Core to the gameplay is the tumbling symbols mechanic which will drop 20 symbols from the top at the start of every spin sequence while the bottom three rows are covered with stone blockers. Any three or more matching symbols landing horizontally or vertically connected constitute a winner. The symbols in the combo except wilds will explode while the reminder drops down before new ones will tumble into the empty spaces. The process is repeated as long as more winners occur after a cascade.

While the repeated tumbles can create multiple winners, the main aim is to remove all blockers at the bottom to trigger the Free Spins. Any blocks that are vertically or horizontally adjacent to a winning symbol will explode and gradually open the grid. Plus, at the start of every spin, 0-3 TNT Blocks are placed in random positions in the three rows at the bottom. Exploding a TNT Block will light up the fuse and destroy the entire row of blocks.

TNT Tumble Dream Drop Free Spins

Clearing the entire game area of stone blocks will trigger 6 Free Spins. During the round, some blocks will be marked with extras such as multipliers or additional spins. However, before the start, you will have to choose what specials you want to appear:

  • Multipliers – Maximum Volatility: All special blocks will be marked with x1, x3 or x3 multipliers
  • Extra Spins – Medium Volatility: All special blocks will be marked with 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 additional spins
  • Multipliers & Extra Spins – High Volatility: Both types of special blocks can appear

Once selected, you will be heading into your chosen bonus round where ever free spin is played identically to the base game. However, each block row contains either a special block or a TNT bundle. They are not reset between spins and instead, you will be moving one row further down into the mine the soon one is cleared, keeping the number of blocker rows at three. For every three that are removed, the game will award +2 spins, no limits. Every destroyed special block will award the marked prize. Multipliers are accumulative throughout the feature and will not reset until the end.

TNT Tumble Dream Drop Jackpot Bonus

Make sure to keep an eye on the Dream Drop bar to the left (desktop). It can randomly turn golden to trigger a jackpot bonus spin. Seven rows of blockers each with a TNT bundle will appear and explode one by one. Revealing at least five DD symbols will award the Dream Drop Jackpot Bonus Game. Worth noting is that it won’t trigger on each occasion. Once it does, there are five jackpots to be won, each represented by a reel. The game features the golden DD symbols only and spins until one of the reels is filled to award the corresponding jackpot prize:

  • Rapid Jackpot | Starting Value €1: Fill the Rapid reel with two DD symbols to win the Rapid Jackpot.
  • Midi Jackpot | Starting Value €5: Fill the Midi reel with two DD symbols to win the Midi Jackpot.
  • Maxi Jackpot | Starting Value €100: Fill the Maxi reel with three DD symbols to win the Maxi Jackpot.
  • Major Jackpot | Starting Value €25,000: Fill the Major reel with four DD symbols to win the Major Jackpot.
  • Mega Jackpot | Starting Value €500,000: Fill the Mega reel with five DD symbols to win the Mega Jackpot.

Each of the five jackpots is progressive, increasing when played across the network. The taken contribution for all pots is 12% of each bet. The two top jackpots are guaranteed to drop before reaching specific thresholds. The Major Jackpot must be won before reaching €50,000 while the Mega Jackpot is guaranteed to trigger before hitting €1,000,000 the first two times. After that, the threshold will increase by €500,000 for the following two drops, continuing to do so after every second trigger until reaching €10,000,000. It will remain at the maximum cap indefinitely after that.

Final Verdict

TNT Tumble Dream Drop is a rather explosive affair with ample entertainment value as you attempt to descend into the mine in search of the precious gems. Nevertheless, the progressive version can only be recommended for jackpot chasers as the original has a default RTP of 96.11%. For those, looking to win big jackpots, it is certainly a good option.

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