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We Play Everywhere! – Going by their slogan, the team at STHLM Gaming are on a mission to bring a fresh breeze to the increasingly crowded online gaming world. With over 200 game providers, it is an uphill task to stand out from the bulk that you are seen by the meanwhile millions of online players worldwide. And that is only the start of the journey. A constant stream of new games that excite and surprise is needed to stay relevant as the attention span of millennials and admittedly older folks too has reduced significantly these days.

So, what has STHLM Gaming in its arsenal to achieve just that other than their cool acronym which stands for Sweden’s capital Stockholm and coincidently the city where the company is headquartered. We could list now experience, enthusiasm, drive, motivation, creativity and other stigmas that virtually every provider points to in its résumé and surely is part of theirs too. Easy to say, but the proof is in the pudding as the saying goes.

For recreational players, the deciding criteria are the visual appearance and the fun factor of a game whereas slot nerds like us look more into the originality of the features and the win potential. In fact, we dissect every release and discuss the perceived pros and cons ad nauseam before adding a slot to our favourites list. Their first game, Stacks of Riches, which was released exclusively at Unibet in October 2017, was clearly geared towards the first group. Simple and fast-paced with flashy colours and animation it left a positive impression on casino operators and players alike, making sure everyone was looking forward to what would be next on STHLM’s journey.

Since then they have followed up with more elaborate creations and by now (December 2019) it looks like they have found their own unique niche style that can be seen winding like a red thread throughout their portfolio. Especially with their latest creations which they positioned in the glorious gambling eras such as the 1920s and 1970s, they have shown that they have the creativity, the courage and the determination to deliver high-quality games that appeal to a wide variety of players. Casino On The House and Ricky Riches: Booster Reel are just two examples of slots that are bound to be popular with the playing community.

As a result, we have seen their games being added to a rapidly increasing number of casino lobbies. Signing a partnership deal with Relax Gaming that gave them access to Relax’s SilverBullet aggregator platform was surely a major stepping stone in their short but eventful history as it makes their games widely available. In the meantime, they worked relentlessly on a common design that allows their games to be played on all desktop, mobile and tablet devices. The effort culminated with the introduction of their versatile interface or GUI as it is commonly called they trademarked under the name STHLMGAMING Smart All Devices™. The future looks bright for STHLM Gaming.


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