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Spotlight Series – Q&A with Design Director of Aviatrix, Andrei Filipovich.

As squadrons of Crash Games land at online casinos worldwide, GMBLRS hits the runway of the gaming phenomena on recon with newcomer Aviatrix. We take flight with Aviatrix Design Director Andrei Filipovich for some conversational loop-da-loops and why Aviatrix is gunning to be the ace of the Crash game skies. Prepare for take-off!

Aviatrix Crash Game Screenshot
Aviatrix – Take-Off

GMBLRS: Hi, Andrei, Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to chat. Tell us about the team and how you came to create Aviatrix?

Andrei: Thanks for having me! Aviatrix’s backstory goes back many years. We’re lucky enough to have a multitalented team who shared a common goal, creating a unique concept in the field of iGaming. We didn’t want to be just another face in the crowd, we want to innovate something that hasn’t been done yet, and that’s where the idea for Aviatrix materialized.

GMBLRS: Recent times have seen a few games of this type take prime positions at online casinos. Coined ‘Crash’ games, they have lured players in their droves. What do you think makes this style of gaming so popular?

Andrei: Crash gaming is particularly fun because of its unusual concept. It’s straightforward, you know you’re going to crash, it’s obvious from the beginning, it’s not about saving yourself from the crash, but rather predicting the right moment. I think that aspect of crash games, “can you pinpoint the exact time?” is an exciting challenge that gamers are flocking to.

GMBLRS: What makes Aviatrix unique by comparison?

Andrei: We put a lot of effort into making our crash game more than just a basic time-filler. First of all, the NFT incorporation. Second, you can design your own planes by changing colors of the body and parts, and giving it a unique name.

Apart from regular play, you can participate in daily tournaments as well. Also, during the game, users have an opportunity to see customized planes and those of other participants in the background, which ultimately adds immersion and excitement to the ride.

Our goal was to create an immersive experience. We paid close attention to the design to ensure it met our vision and the interface is designed to be engaging from start to finish. The game features advanced crash mechanics, the ability to customize your experience, and loyalty rewards. The team at Aviatrix is proud of the final product.

Aviatrix Crash Game Screenshot
Aviatrix – Desktop Layout

GMBLRS: How easy is it to build a plane and start playing?

Andrei: Super easy. The sign-up process is straightforward and short. Building your plane isn’t as complex as it sounds. Of course, our aircrafts are fully customizable, but that doesn’t mean it takes long to build one. You can be flying with Aviatrix in a matter of seconds.

GMBLRS: I understand each Plane will be available as an NFT. Do you have to own the NFT to play? What’s the difference?

Andrei: That’s our main differentiator. The initial default plane that you start the game with is not an NFT. However, any plane that you build yourself using the “Build a Plane” feature is an NFT. That added value gives players extra incentive to commit to improving their aircraft as best as they can. In the future, you’ll be able to trade that NFT on the respective markets. Of course, if NFT ownership isn’t your thing, you can still play the game!

GMBLRS: How do you upgrade a plane, and what are the benefits?

Andrei: You can upgrade your plane through the accumulation of experience points. The more frequently you play and win, the more XP you’ll be able to get. Over time, you can unlock more customization options with that XP. Best of all, the more experience points you have, the bigger your potential share of a tournament win.

GMBLRS: Ah, yes, please tell our readers more about the perks like the Loyalty Program, Tournaments, Reward Distribution and Daily Cashback?

Andrei: These are all perks that add that extra incentive for players to enjoy the Aviatrix experience, and more importantly, come back for more. The loyalty program rewards return players with extra XP. We have very frequent tournaments that offer a prize pool to the very best. Daily cashback is fairly self-explanatory, it’s a cashback bonus for new and existing players. We plan on releasing even more of these perks in the future, but we’re not going to reveal too much!

Aviatrix Crash Game Screenshot
Aviatrix – Build

GMBLRS: Where can players find Aviatrix? Can it be played with crypto or regular fiat currencies?

Andrei: Aviatrix’s main site is https://aviatrix.bet/ but we’re in constant collaboration with plenty of online casinos around the world that are hosting our game on their platforms. Most casinos where Aviatrix is live accept both fiat and crypto currencies, such as PinUp Casino, Mostbet, Vbet, Betconstruct casinos, Leon.bet, and many others. For any and all information regarding our game, check out our official website first.

GMBLRS: Aviatrix has been recognised for industry awards from take-off, namely the Binance Smart Chain Hackathon Award and the SIGMA Balkans & CIS Unique Selling Point, what do these awards mean for Aviatrix and players?

Andrei: It feels like vindication for all our years of hard work, really. We always had the belief and the faith that Aviatrix could turn out to be something special, and to receive critical acclaim from companies like Binance and SiGMA was just the icing on the cake. It’s unbelievably motivational for us to receive that praise, and we don’t plan on stopping here.

GMBLRS: Whats on the horizon for Aviatrix?

Andrei: We are continuously working on enhancing a game we’re very proud of. We are always researching and developing new features and events for our players. We prefer to keep some things a surprise, but players can expect to see more exciting updates in the future.

A massive thank you to all the players, organizations, and institutions that have allowed Aviatrix to reach its potential. It’s only through you that we’ve grown as much as we intended to. The future is looking brighter than ever!

So there you have it, Aviatrix demonstrating how far-reaching and engaging a simple crash game concept can travel. If you are a crash game fanatic like the team at Aviatrix, you can build your plane and work your way up the loyalty scheme for a prize pool share, earn cashback and get your crash game thrills in flying style.