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Spotlight Series – Q&A with CEO & Founder of Just For The Win, Johan Persson

To kickstart this year’s Spotlight Series, GMBLRS is honoured to welcome Johan Persson, CEO and Founder of Just For The Win. We talk about the award-winning studio from its humble beginnings to its worldwide presence as a leading player.

Johan shines the light on making dreams a reality, what makes a Just For The Win game and what’s in store for 2024 from the instantly recognisable game developer of beautifully crafted, high-quality content. Let’s switch on and highlight the team with something for everyone, Just For The Win Studios.

GMBLRS: Welcome to GMBLRS, and thank you, Johan, for taking the time to talk. Please start with a little about yourself and how you came to form Just For The Win?

Johan: Hi there, thank you for having me. Just For The Win came to be after spending many years on the operator side at LeoVegas. Whilst there, I met Jay Sopp, Creative Director & Founder (who was previously at NetEnt), when we collaborated on a custom game. We found working together joyful, and we always joked that it would be fun to try and make our own games one day. The rest is history.

GMBLRS: Describe a typical day as CEO of Just For The Win; lunch on the golf course, 9 to 5 business mode, or home office comforts?

Johan: Haha! I’ve not even had time to think about playing golf, let alone play it! One thing that often gets overlooked is the sheer amount of work needed to be invested in getting a business up and running. It has been full-on since the start, but I still find it essential to get into the office in the morning. It gives me energy and motivation to keep going. But, as my aunt once said, “Do not work too much; you will regret it when you get older”. I try to stay true to this by following a healthy work-life-balance. If you do what you love, then you do not work a day in your life.

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GMBLRS: Content defines studios, and some developers focus on immersive themes or innovative gameplay; others on high volatility or jaw-dropping graphics. How would you describe Just For The Win’s games and what players can expect?

Johan: I like to think that our ever-growing portfolio of high-quality slots aims to have a good mix of great maths, fun and innovative mechanics and stunning art. We try no not to leave anything to chance, and this is why we have classics like Deco Diamonds, Wolf Howl and Amazon Kingdom still being enjoyed by players long after their live dates.

GMBLRS: A seasoned game studio, now six years young, award-winning catalogue of over 50 games, some of which from my personal favourites include Goldwyn’s Fairies, Anderthals, Kodiak Kingdom and The Bandit & The Baron. How has Just For The Win moved with the industry, and how do your games compare to previous years?

Johan: Wow. Six years in the making; time really flies when you are having fun, right? We have improved a lot over the years. We learn with every game we produce, and the quality has increased from those first titles like Goldwyn’s Fairies and Lucky Links, to the newer and award-winning titles like Scarab Kingdom and Diamond Sands. I am personally looking forward to the next couple of years, to see what this fun and ever-changing industry has to offer Just For The Win.

GMBLRS: Another favourite of mine, Plenty of Presents, recently found some seasonal competition. Can you tell us what surprises lay in store with Piles of Presents?

Johan: If you liked Plenty of Presents, you will love Piles of Presents. It is everything you ever wished for – in one colourful wrapper. It’s the perfect game for indoor cosiness by the fireplace, where you unwrap Piles of Presents in Free Spins. Open the gifts and reveal feature upgrades for insane wins. If you are lucky, the Christmas Wheel will award shimmering cash prizes and more.

Just For The Win Kodiak Kingdom Free Spins Bonus
Just For The Win Studios – Kodiak Kingdom

GMBLRS: An award-winning online slot catalogue means something for all types of players. What would you recommend for someone new to the Just For The Win range? Any personal favourites?

Johan: Our games have a high production value and give countless spins of entertainment. But as you asked, a few of my favourite titles include Silverback Multiplier Mountain, Robin Hoods Heroes and Wildfire Wins. I hope you find them as good as I do!

GMBLRS: Is there a type of game you would like to see added? Any plans to create more cascading grid slots or jackpot titles like Juicy Joker Mega Moolah and Sherlock and Moriarty WowPot? What can players expect from Just For The Win in 2023?

Johan: Without revealing too much, I can say that it will be a strong and balanced roadmap with something for every type of player. We will start the year with Trojan Kingdom, a new and amped-up title in our ever-so-exiting Kingdom Series. A higher max prize and higher multipliers in Super Free Spins. With plenty more in the pipeline, you’ll have to watch this space for more details.

GMBLRS: Thank you, Johan, for an interesting glance at your journey so far. Just for the laugh (did you see what I did there?), describe Just For The Win games in three words.

Johan: The words I pick are fun, creative and authentic. I’ll explain why the next time we speak.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me (and yes, I did see what you did there, 🙂 ).

Find Just For The Win online slots filled with Johan, Jay and the team’s energy and motivation here. Imbued by a love of what they do, with a sharp focus on balance and quality, you can speak to the team at justforthewin.com.