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CherryPop Deluxe
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May 25, 2022


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Get your groove on for the relaunched, rehashed and remodelled CherryPop from AvatarUX, powered by Yggdrasil Gaming. CherryPop Deluxe gives the classic pay symbol theme an abstract return with up to 118,098 ways to win of expanding reels. Crash into a free spins bonus with premium cherry symbols, a gamble wheel and an increasing win multiplier for wins capped at 20,000x your stake.

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Slot Details

CherryPop Deluxe is a cascading video slot with a default 5×3 reel set and 243 ways to win, doubled to 486 ways thanks to a pays-both-ways system. The number of ways can increase to 118,098 during free spins, courtesy of the PopWins game mechanic. Match three or more adjacent symbols from the outermost reels inwards for a win, from left to right or right to left. You can revisit the revamped hit from AvatarUX from 0.20 to 40 credits per spin. This game has a high volatility rating and a 95.56% RTP.

The original CherryPop was the traditional fruity pay symbol entry to the series of PopWins games. CherryPop Deluxe takes the old-school look and adds a mash-up of pop culture and comic book styles. Piano keys for PopWins accompany lounge-room jazz in a spectacular setting.

CherryPop Deluxe Slot Screenshot
CherryPop Deluxe Slot – Base Game

The pop-art pay symbols start at the low end with 9, 10, J, Q, K and A, awarding from 1.2x to 1.6x for five of a kind. Grape, melon, orange, horseshoe, four-leaf clover, bell, and diamond symbols come next, and matching five across the reels awards from 2.5x to 8x your bet. During free spins, cherries appear as a super-high paying symbol that pays 15x your bet for five. No wild or scatter symbols are used for CherryPop Deluxe, as the bonus game is triggered by expanding the reels through a sequence of PopWins.

CherryPop Deluxe Slot Features

Released in 2020, CherryPop might be the slot that brought PopWins into the limelight, or at least fanned the flames more than some of its cohorts from the PopWins family; worthy of a sequel? Let’s take a look and see what lies beneath the glitzy revamp.

A basic spin of CherryPop Deluxe begins with the standard pays both ways 5×3 format. Winning combinations disappear from the reels and ‘pop’ each position into two, expanding the reel height and increasing the number of ways. New symbols appear in place, which can lead to further wins.

CherryPop Deluxe PopWins Slot Screenshot
CherryPop Deluxe Slot – PopWins Sequence

The PopWins mechanic continues providing more wins occur and pays the total at the end of a spin sequence. Each reel can reach up to six symbol positions in the base game for 15,552 ways and up to nine during the free spins for the maximum potential of 118,098 ways to win. Reel heights are reset to the original format at the end of a spin in the base game.

Many PopWins games rely on reel expansion to trigger the bonus round. On CherryPop Deluxe, expand all five reels to the maximum height of six positions to activate the CherryPop Deluxe Gamble Wheel. You can now choose to go straight to the free spins game with a randomised number of ways and starting spins or take a spin on the gamble wheel for a bigger starting format.

CherryPop Deluxe Slot Screenshot
CherryPop Deluxe Slot – Gambel Wheel & Bonus Buy Options

The wheel is divided into winning and losing sections, plus a single gold section named the golden slice. Winning sections come in brackets of spins and ways for each gamble level. Landing on a losing section on any level of the gamble wheel will forfeit the bonus and return you to the base game. There are two gamble levels in total with the following award brackets:

  • Starting Free Spins: 5, 6, 7 or 8 free spins and a 6x6x6x6x6, 7x6x6x6x7, 6x7x8x7x6, or 7x7x7x7x7 starting format.
  • Gamble Wheel Level 1: 8, 9 or 10 free spins and a 6x6x7x6x6, 7x6x7x6x7, 7x7x7x7x7, or 7x8x7x8x7 starting format. Landing on the golden slice awards up to 12 free spins.
  • Gamble Wheel Level 2: 10, 11 or 12 free spins and a 6x7x6x7x6, 7x7x7x7x7, 7x8x7x8x7, or 8x8x8x8x8 starting format. Hit the golden slice for up to 16 free spins.

Once your game has been determined, the CherryPops Free Spins begin. During the round, the reels can expand to the full height of nine positions and reset only to the shortest height achieved between spins, maintaining their increase until the end of the feature. The super-high paying cherry symbol may also make an appearance. An increasing win multiplier starts at x2 and increases by x1 increments with each wave of new symbols appearing from the PopWins sequence.

CherryPop Deluxe Slot Screenshot
CherryPop Deluxe Slot – Free Spins

Unlocking the reels to the full nine positions tall awards an extra two free spins and adds x4 to the win multiplier, plus another x4 for every subsequent PopWins sequence on that spin. The round ends when spins expire or the maximum win of 20,000x your stake is reached.

Where available, CherryPop deluxe comes with a Bonus Buy feature for direct access to the CherryPop Deluxe Gamble Wheel. For a fixed stake amount, you can purchase one of two options:

  • 75x Bet: Access to the Gamble Wheel, where you may choose to enter the free spins to gamble for more.
  • 300x Bet: Purchase a super bonus with a randomised number of spins and starting format from the Level 2 Gamble Wheel awards.

Final Verdict

CherryPop Deluxe has a fitting theme for the first PopWins remake. An eclectic mix of pop-art inspired graphics combined with trumpets, flute and accompanying flashes of blam, pow and pop draw nostalgic comparisons with the Batman TV series of the same swinging 60s era. CherryPop Deluxe is eye-candy for fans of abstract slot design and pop art.

As for the gameplay, not much different than the original, and only minor changes, which are not as attractive as the new skin. Bonus buy fans can pay for direct access to the super bonus, with more potential. Plus, the gamble wheel comes with a new layout and small reward adjustments. For many, reduced RTP and a much lower and capped win potential will dampen the sparkle. Unless you lean towards super bonus buys, the original CherryPop is a more appealing slot with 96.20% RTP and more than twice the max win at 58,386x your stake.

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