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|Evolution Gaming|2021-09-01|RTP: 99.59 %
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Cash or Crash Live
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September 2, 2021


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Strap in and prepare for take-off with live game show action by Evolution Gaming. Cash or Crash Live takes you high in the sky of a virtual world that keeps you guessing for cash, or crashing out through greed. Sit back in the luxurious comfort of the shield as you climb steps of increasing value whilst you prepare for any event with a choice of pocketing half, taking the lot or risking it all for wins up to 50,000 times your stake.

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Live Game Show Details

Cash or Crash Live is a game show with a ball tumbler and 28 balls. Wins are based on cashing out winnings which increase with each green ball drawn or crashing out and losing upon the draw of a red ball. You can reach for the skies from 0.20 credits up to a lofty 1000 credits per spin. This game comes with a varying RTP of between 94.51% to 99.59% based on the number and type of balls in the tumbler.

Blimp Flight Attendants present the action in Cash or Crash Live, wearing ruby uniforms cruising above a sprawling cityscape. The enigmatic hostesses and hosts explain the game and narrate the climb, or crash, as the case may be. A chat menu, winners update and history trail, which tells the results of the last eight games, keep game info.

The Tumbler takes centre stage, kept in view by the camera crew, above the Cash or Crash Ladder. This game is professionally produced and beamed directly from the impressive state of the art Evolution Gaming studios

Evolution Gaming Cash Or Crash Live Lobby

Pays are based on a prize ladder and increase one level with each successful draw of a green ball. The available winning amounts also change according to part cashouts during a climb.

Cash or Crash Live Game Features

Evolution Gaming leads the way in live gaming entertainment and has been the major player during the meteoric rise of Game Show style productions. Cash or Crash Live follows winning titles like Dream Catcher, Crazy Time, Monopoly Live, and more, and has a high bar to reach. Let’s check out the flight plans to see if Evolution is on the right path.

Cash or Crash Live is a simple game involving 19 Green Balls, 8 Red Balls and 1 Gold Ball in a Tumbler. The object of the game is to climb to the top of a prize ladder or cash out before crashing out. A round begins with a nine-second betting stage with which to place a single bet. At the end of the bet sequence, the tumbler will draw one of the 28 starting balls aside. Each green ball drawn will climb one step of a 20 step prize ladder of increasing value. Each step of the ladder displays the currently claimable win, the green and red ball percentage chances and the next four levels plus the top prize achievable.

Evolution Gaming Cash or Crash

At this step, when a green ball is drawn, you have a timed window of nine seconds to choose one of three following options:

  • Take Half: Take half the winnings and keep the other in-play for the next draw. When choosing this option the display turns blue and the clacluated amounts on the prize ladder are instantly amended accordingly
  • Continue: Risk all for a chance to climb another step on the prize ladder.
  • Take All: Cashout and take the current winnings displayed.
Evolution Gaming Cash Or Crash Live Take Half

Should a Red Ball be drawn at the start or during any stage of the climb, you will forfeit your winnings, if you have not cashed out, and the game ends before resetting for a new round.

Each round features a Gold Ball that works the same as a green ball to increase the prize ladder by one step upon being drawn. The gold ball also awards a Shield. With an active shield, the tumbler will continue to draw balls until a red ball is drawn and the shield is removed. The option to Take Half, Continue or Take All will appear upon removal of the shield before the next draw. Reach the top of the ladder with the shield intact to win the top prize of 50,000x your stake.

Final Verdict

Cash or Crash Live is a simple guessing game that could leave you in two minds, possibly cursing yourself, silently wishing on a red to validate a hasty decision or with a satisfying smile when you get it right. The game is steadily paced due to the timers and a chance of banking half your winnings provides a breadth of strategies or ways to attack the ladder climb.

How Cash or Crash plays is largely based on your approach and is a roller coaster of fun and emotion, and therein lies its simple genius – cautious players may enjoy the pace of small wins whilst high-flyers can get a thrill from throwing caution to the wind for a chance of dizzy gains and the shrewd among us may bank some winnings and go for broke with the rest. Cash or Crash is malleable to your style and mood, and for that reason alone, worth booking a seat for.

Cash or Crash – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can you "Take Half" your winnings and play on with the rest on more than one occasion in a single round of Cash or Crash Live by Evolution Gaming?


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