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An exclusive partnership between Hasbro and Evolution Gaming brings you the world of MONOPOLY Live! In this fusion of Dream Catcher and the world-famous board game, you can experience the thrill of live gaming with a virtual 3D Monopoly world bonus. Mr MONOPOLY is your guide on the board in a live show that can deliver wins of up to 10,000 times your bet or €500,000.

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Game Details

MONOPOLY Live uses the Dream Catcher wheel with 54 segments of 4 cash prizes, reserving six wedges for 4 Monopoly board bonuses and 2 for Chance. Wins are paid for the section the wheel flapper stops on. Betting limits vary for each prize or bonus, using chips at 0.10 credits through to upper limits of 2,500, sliding down to 250 credits for the maximum of 4 Rolls on the Monopoly game bonus. Playable on desktop, tablet, or mobile, Monopoly Live has varying volatility and RTP ranging between 92.88% and 96.23%, depending on the betting style.

The show takes place at the virtual Monopoly Tower with floor to ceiling windows and a panoramic view of the impressive 3D virtual Monopoly board. The colourful Dream Catcher wheel takes centre stage in a tv-quality production. An Evolution Live Presenter joins the virtual Mr MONOPOLY, who sits drinking tea, reading the paper and commenting or reacting to wheel stops and game events, ultimately taking an elevator down to the board for the virtual bonus.

‘Welcome to the board, let’s do some building…it’s time to roll!’ he enigmatically declares at the start of each round. Brightly painted hot air balloons, aeroplanes and fireworks finish each bonus of a beautifully crafted 3D version of the famous board game.

MONOPOLY Live Screenshot

The numbered sections of the wheel pay what their number states – 1 pays 1x, 2 pays 2x, 5 pays 5x and 10 pays 10x. One segment of ‘4 Rolls’ plus three of ‘2 Rolls’ make up the bonus round betting. Chance segments pay a multiplier on the next spin or instant cash prizes. Wins on the MONOPOLY bonus game can pay multipliers of up to x500, plus a trip past ‘GO’ will double them, leading to potential wins of up to 10,000x your bet.

MONOPOLY Live Game Features

basic game round starts with players placing bets using a chip-based overlay of a table with a counter indicating the time left for accepting a bet. Available are bets on stake multipliers – 1x, 2x, 5x or 10x, 2 rolls or 4 rolls of the bonus game, or your chosen combination.

The show host spins the giant MONOPOLY Live wheel and whichever betting segment the flipper rests on will award that win. The RTP values in the following table are based on a player placing only a single bet per game round.

Betting OptionWheel SectionsPayoutRTP
2 Rolls Bonus Game3Up to €500,00093.90%
4 Rolls Bonus Game1Up to €500,00093.67%
Chance2Multiplies next spin/cash prizeN/A

If the wheel stops on a numbered section then wins are paid to players who have bet on the winning option according to the paytable. If the flipper rests on a Chance section, either a random multiplier adds to the next spin or an instant cash prize awards to all betting players. Should the wheel stop on one of the two bonus sections, Mr Monopoly rises from his chair and takes the express elevator to his virtual 3D MONOPOLY world with wins of up to 10,000x your bet, capped at €500,000.

MONOPOLY Live Bonus Game

A giant virtual version of the Monopoly board sees Mr Monopoly moving to real dice rolls placed in the studio. Bonuses award 2 or 4 rolls depending on which segment the wheel stopped on. Rolling a double affords players an extra roll.

MONOPOLY Live Bonus Game

At the start, houses or hotels are randomly placed on properties counting as multipliers. As you would expect, the multipliers on Mayfair are higher than Old Kent Road, if selected, and generally increase in value as the board progresses. Should Mr Monopoly make it past ‘GO’, multipliers double. Plus, all the classic traits feature in the bonus, just like the actual board game.

  • Chance & Community Chest Cards; Award a cash prize, take a fee or tax the bonus fund in Monopoly themed ways like paying towards a birthday present or winning a beauty contest.
  • Income Tax & Super Tax; Landing on the Income Tax square takes 10% of the bonus fund and Super Tax takes 20%.
  • Utilities, Railways & Free Parking; Award cash prizes to the bonus fund if the dice send Mr Monopoly to land on their square.
  • Jail & Go To Jail; Sending Mr Monopoly to jail does not affect the bonus fund, though neither can you buy your freedom. Rolling a double is what’s needed for release and continued play. Landing on the jail square simply counts as visiting.

The bonus game ends when there are no more rolls. Mr Monopoly returns to the studio for more tea whilst an end sequence of fireworks and balloons summarizes the total amount you have won. Each player wins the amount displayed on their screen.

Final Verdict

MONOPOLY Live is a match made in heaven. Evolution managed to bring Mr Monopoly and the giant 3D board game of Hasbro into the limelight, winning 2019 and 2020 awards for game of the year. If you’re a fan of Monopoly, Live Gaming or just fancy something fun and unique, you won’t be disappointed.

MONOPOLY Live – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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2. Why is there such a range in RTPs?
3. Is there a strategy for playing MONOPOLY Live?


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