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Caribbean Anne

All hands on deck! Board the ship of feisty Caribbean Anne on the slot from Kalamba Games to join her on the next reel plundering tour that could see you taking home vast treasures worth more than 5,000 times your bet. Sail the high seas by activating the Hyper Bet for higher wild multipliers or by using the Hyper Bonus feature buy to enter the free spins round. Not to forget, the locking multiplier feature, plus, there are four personal progressive jackpots up for grabs.

Slot Details

Caribbean Anne is a video slot with five reels, four rows and 40 fixed pay lines. Wins are awarded for three to five matching symbols from left to right only. You can board the pirate ship on desktop or mobile from 0.50 to 100 credits per spin. The game is highly volatile and comes with an RTP range from 93.52% to 97.60%, based on whether you are using the Hyper Bet and Hyper Bonus options.

Setting the game window on the deck of the pirate ship as it navigates the rough seas on a stormy evening is resembling very much the roller coaster ride you can expect from such a high variance slot. Caribbean Anne and her fellow companions dominate on the rather intricate reel set while her ship will appear with dramatic scatter thumps.

Open the game to see pay symbols starting with the card royals from 9 through to A, followed by four pirates  – a male pirate cook, a female navigator with compass and map, a male pirate wielding daggers and a female pirate with a parrot. The latter being the top-payer.

Caribbean Anne is the wild symbol that starts the multiplier wild collection while a skull with crossed swords will award the progressive jackpot when sufficient land on a spin. The pirate ship acts as the scatter on this slot.

Caribbean Anne Slot Features

I could start yet again with complaints about the convoluted nature of the slots from this provider but I rather spare those words to describe the features as there is, as usual, a lot to get through. I wonder sometimes why the developer thinks he has to overload the games as it sure does not make them more interesting. Although we like playing slots with good features there should be always a balance to avoid having to read a day through the game rules to understand it all.

As usual, I will try my best to put everything in chronological order. The most common feature you will encounter is the Locking Multiplier Wild. Every time Caribbean Anne appears on a reel, she will leave a locked collection frame around the position. Then, on every tenth spin in the base game, every locked frame position is transformed into a Multiplier Wild symbol. A display with a counter is placed at the top of the game window. Please note, that the current counters are saved for each Hyper Bet level as well as bet size.

The first thing you must decide though before spinning the reels is the Hyper Bet level, which you can see at the bottom left of the game window (desktop version). In default mode, wild symbols appearing on the reels will have an x1 multiplier and your free spins round starts with 7 free spins. You can choose to increase that at an extra cost, which will be prohibitive for all low and possibly most medium rollers.

Take a look and decide for yourself what you will be willing to risk and what you can expect for the additional cost. Please note that only wins containing a multiplier wild will be multiplied and to make matters worse, having more than one on a pay line will not be added or multiplied.

  • Hyper Bet Level 1 | RTP 93.52 | Default Bet: wild multipliers are at x1 and you will start with 7 free spins (four collection spins and three locked wild spins)
  • Hyper Bet Level 2 | RTP 94.79% | Default Bet + x%: wild multipliers are at x2 and you will start with 9 free spins (five collection spins and four locked wild spins)
  • Hyper Bet Level 3 | RTP 96.51% | Default Bet + xx%: wild multipliers are at x3 and you will start with 11 free spins (six collection spins and five locked wild spins)
  • Hyper Bet Level 4 | RTP 96.89% | Default Bet + xxx%: wild multipliers are at x5 and you will start with 14 free spins (eight collection spins and four locked wild spins)

Now, you might not want to wait for an organic feature trigger, which brings us to the Hyper Bonus feature buy. You can press the button on the top right corner (desktop version) at any time in the base game after which the game will display four options for the free spins round, which correspond to the four levels of the Hyper Bet. You will be charged one large bet once only that will grant you direct access to the chosen free spins round. Buying the HyperBonus on level 1 will have an RTP of 96.30% while on level 4 it will be at 97.60%. Basically, the more you spend the better RTP you are getting.

You can, of course, wait to hit minimum three scatters to trigger the free spins feature organically, which consists of two phases. First, you will play a specific amount (based on the triggered feature) of collection spins where you will accumulate locking wilds and in the second phase the sticky wilds will be placed on the reels for the locked wild spins. The wilds will have the multiplier from your chosen Hyper Bet level.

Last but not least, comes the most interesting part of the Caribbean Anne slot, the four progressive jackpots, which are personalized and unique to every player. A fixed percentage of each bet contributes them and they will be saved after each session until you return again. To win any of the jackpots you will need to land sufficient pirate flag scatters marked with the word “jackpot” on a single spin. Each jackpot has a minimum seed value that will increase with every bet. The value of the jackpots is based on the bet size when they are won.

  • Platinum Jackpot | Seed – 5,000x bet | Contribution – 0.5%: 15 or more scattered jackpot symbols
  • Gold Jackpot | Seed – 500x bet | Contribution – 1%: 14 scattered jackpot symbols
  • Silver Jackpot | Seed – 100x bet | Contribution – 0.5%: 9 or more scattered jackpot symbols
  • Bronze Jackpot | Seed – 20x bet | Contribution – 0.5%: 7 or 8 scattered jackpot symbols

Final Verdict

Phew, we got through to the end and to be honest, rather happy we managed to make it. Caribbean Anne is not all bad but neither spectacular. The line pays are pretty mediocre as a full screen will pay a measly 160x your bet. Most of the potential is lurking in the jackpots and that is something you might never trigger.

Neither can I fathom the strategy behind the HyperBet levels as low rollers who cannot afford the extra cost will play the game at a ridiculously low RTP. They could instead have the wilds awarding a random multiplier across the board. Well, this slot will surely never feature on our favourites list, hence we won’t bother brooding over it.

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