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|Relax Gaming|2022-03-02|RTP: 96.23 %
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Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels
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March 3, 2022


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Journey to a fantasy realm of big majestic cats on the video slot by Relax Gaming. Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels uses the licenced game engine of added reels from ReelPlay with expanding reels and symbol multipliers. Roar into a three respin bonus game with instant coin wins of up to x100 and round modifiers of added rows, increased coin values, multiplied coin values and coin collects, plus added persistent effects, for wins of up to 20,000 times your bet.

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Slot Details

Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels is a video slot with a 3×3 layout awarding wins for collecting three or more matching symbols as they leave the reels to the left. Reels are added to the right on an infinite basis using the Infinity Reels mechanic, providing matching symbols further the combination. You can play with the majestic cats from 0.10 to 50 credits per spin. This game has a very high volatility rating and a 96.23% RTP.

Based around some rather intelligent looking tigers in a cartoon style, Relax Gaming make smart use of a large scroll between pillars to complement the rolling effect of Infinity Reels. The scroll peels back against the Asian architecture to reveal a room of gold, treasure and weapon racks for the bonus game, and tranquil Chinese zither music completes a quality production from the leading game studio.

Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels Slot Screenshot

The pay symbols start at the low end with Chinese symbols in blue, green and red, valued from 0.4x to 0.6x per symbol. Four important-looking tigers appear next in blue, green, purple and red, valued from 1x to 4x your stake per symbol.

Blue lotus flowers appear as a multiplier symbol of x2, x3 or x4. A scroll acts as an extra row symbol that expands the reels and paw prints represent the bonus symbol, which triggers the bonus game for landing three or more. Coins and special symbols feature in the bonus game, detailed below.

Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels Slot Features

Time for a second crack at ReelPlay’s trademark mechanic, following Emerald’s Infinity Reels, by one of the leading innovators in video slots. Already it’s clear this is a unique release, with a debut of a much simpler pay calculation than the average Infinity Reels release and a more traditional three matching symbols to trigger the dynamic mechanic. More than enough reason to take a closer look.

Central to the gameplay, the Infinity Reels mechanic activates when matching symbols form across the three reels in view. The reels scroll to the left, remove the leftmost reel from the game window, and add a new reel to the right. This process continues providing more symbols match, or bonus, multiplier, or extra row symbols land, to further the win combination. Note that this version of Infinity Reels only pays for symbols collected once they exit via the leftmost reel. A counter displays the symbol icon and number of symbols collected, making it easy to keep tabs on the win.

Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels Spin Sequence

The game has a straightforward pays system that gives each symbol a fixed value. The number of matching symbols on a spin is multiplied by the symbol value when calculating pays. Multiplier symbols do not multiply the win like most generic video slots, instead, each multiplies the number of symbols collected up to that point. For example, 5 symbols plus an x3 multiplier means a total of 15 symbols would be displayed on the counter.

Watch out for a scroll appearing as the extra row symbol, adding an additional row to the reels. The extra row is added once the scroll moves out of the game window to the left. The reels can be extended by a maximum of two rows.

Collect three or more bonus symbols in the counter to trigger the Tiger Kingdom Bonus Round Game. The round begins by adding coin symbols equal to the number of bonus symbols on the triggering spin. Coin symbols lock in place for the duration of the feature and the game starts with a count of three respins.

Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels Bonus Feature

The reels feature coin symbols and special symbols only. Coin symbols appear in bet multiples of x1 to x10. Super coins come with values from x20 to x100. Upon landing, symbols will lock and hold their reel in place. When symbols are locked across all three reels, the Infinity Reels mechanic scrolls the leftmost out of play and collects its coins or activates any special symbols. The respin count resets to three and the new reel respins. Special symbols modify the bonus round as follows:

  • Yin Yang Symbol | Respin +1: Increases the reset respin count by +1.
  • Scroll | Extra Row: Adds an extra row to the reels. A maximum of two rows are possible.
  • Red Envelope | Collector: Collects the sum of all coin wins in view and other collector symbols. The collector activates upon landing and when moving to the left.
  • Throwing Knives | Payer: Increases the value of 1 to 3 symbols on the reels. The payer activates upon landing and when moving to the left.
  • Crossbow | Sniper: Multiplies 1 to 3 coin symbols by x2, x3 or x4. Can also multiply the value of a payer and a persistent payer. The latter can only be increased when in view, before being collected.
  • Framed Red Envelope | Persistent Collector: Collects the sum of all coin wins in view upon landing and when moving to the left. Continues to function after being collected until the end of the bonus game.
  • Framed Throwing Knives | Persistent Payer: Increases the value of 1 to 3 symbols on the reels upon landing and when moving to the left. Continues to increase values until the end of the bonus game.
  • Framed Crossbow | Persistent Sniper: Multiplies 1 to 3 coin symbols, payers or persitent payers by x2, x3 or x4 and continues to do so after being collected until the end of the bonus game.

The Bonus Round Game ends when the respin count is reduced to zero and will pay the total collected on the counter, displayed as a bet multiplier.

Where available, Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels comes with a Bonus Buy Feature. For 100x your stake, you can buy entry into the Bonus Round Game with a 96.87% RTP.

Final Verdict

Some regal-looking tigers make for an obscure theme when presented with no apparent story to engage players. Yet, Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels looks fantastic, is cleverly designed with state of the art graphics and for some, the magic is in the mystery.

Compared to other Infinity Reels games, Tiger Kingdom has a more traditional appeal with three matching symbols for a win, however, they must be collected by leaving the play area to be included in the pay calculation – simply landing in view is not enough. Although a subtle difference, a simplified pay system makes following the action much easier and creates a more understandable game, although some may be caught out by collecting symbols for the win.

Combine the simplified structure and potential of added reels with a version of the legendary Money Train bonus, and you have one of the most appealing Infinity Reels games so far. Albeit highly volatile and not for the faint of heart – though with a 96.23% RTP you could play much worse. When all is said and done, the game is a match made in slot heaven for Infinity Reels or Money Train fans.

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