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Midas Treasure

Will you be able to turn things into gold on the slot from Kalamba Games? Midas Treasure brings Greek mythology to a set of reels where symbols can indeed turn into pure gold in the bonus game. Let King Midas take you through Hyper Bets with multiplier wilds, a collectable bonus feature, a Hyper Bonus Buy option and a free spin round with wild transformations that can lead to wins of up to 1,000 times your bet on a single spin.

Slot Details

Midas Treasure is a video slot with five reels, four rows and 40 fixed pay lines. Wins are awarded for three to five matching symbols on a line from left to right only. Your journey through Greek mythology on desktop or mobile starts at 0.40 and peaks at 16 credits per spin in standard mode. This can increase up to  82 credits per spin on the top level for the Hyper Bet. The RTP of this medium variance game is set in a range between 93.62% and 96.95%.

A Parthenon serves as the reel frame while Greek columns display the various features on either side. A mountainous fantasy scene with a river meandering through the valleys can be seen in the background. Overall, a decent job from the graphics team. An orchestra piece provides the main audio with the usual interruptions from scatter thumps and win count noises.

The pay symbols can appear stacked at all times and start at the low end with the forever used card royals from 10 through to A, awarding wins from 1.25x to 1.875x your bet. The premium symbols are oak twigs, apples, harps and ancient cups. Hit five on a line to win 3.75x to 6.25x your stake. Yeah, quite a mess with such uneven numbers.

A golden mask is the wild symbol and top payer with 25x your bet for a single 5OAK. A coin with Midas’ head is the collectable bonus symbol while his throne acts as the scatter.

Midas Treasure Slot Features

For whatever reason, slots from Kalamba Games are always packed to the brim with features, bonus games and options. That is in itself not a bad thing as we want to be entertained in our slotting sessions. However, on games from this provider, they either cost extra or have a significant impact on the RTP, both things which we detest as it squanders equal chances for all players. Highrollers won’t have an issue playing at the top levels with the maximum RTP but people with smaller budgets will have a hard time forking out more than the standard bet and thus will have to play with the lowest RTP setting.

King Midas is on top quite a mess with so much going on that it took even me as a veteran player some time to understand it all and especially figure out what level is best to play or what feature I should buy as optimal strategy. I will try my best to put it in some chronological order and can only hope it will all make sense.

The first thing you must decide is the Hyper Bet level, which you can see at the bottom left of the game window. In default mode, wild symbols appearing on the reels will have an x1 multiplier and your free spins round starts with 6 free spins. You can choose to increase that at an extra cost, which will be prohibitive for all low and possibly most medium rollers.

Take a look and decide for yourself what you will be willing to risk and what you can expect for the additional cost. Please note that the wild symbol can appear as standard wild or multiplier wild, hence, paying the extra cost does not guarantee that all wilds landing on a spin will have a multiplier. Plus, more than one on a payline will not be added or multiplied.

  • Hyper Bet Level 1 | RTP 93.62 – 94.09% | Default Bet: wild multipliers are at x1 and you will start with 6 free spins
  • Hyper Bet Level 2 | RTP 94.50 – 94.97% | Default Bet + 100%: wild multipliers are at x2 and you will start with 8 free spins
  • Hyper Bet Level 3 | RTP 96.37 – 96.82% | Default Bet + 200%: wild multipliers are at x3 and you will start with 9 free spins
  • Hyper Bet Level 4 | RTP 96.48 – 96.95% | Default Bet + 512.5%: wild multipliers are at x5 and you will start with 10 free spins

Just to visualize, the minimum default bet of 0.40 credits increases to 0.80 on level 2, to 1.20 on level 3 and to 2.05 credits on level 4. Hardly something normal players can afford and thus will have to stick to the default bet and a mediocre RTP. And since the free spins round is about collecting scatter symbols to progressively turn high-value symbols into wilds, it will be virtually impossible to reach the final stage with the biggest win potential.

Well, lets not brood too long over the numbers and carry on with the next feature. The Hyper Bonus Buy option which is a small button in the top left corner of the game window. Clicking on it will take you to a screen with four options, which are again increasing in cost the higher wild multiplier you want to have.

  • Option 1 – 33x default bet: You will start with six free spins and wild multipliers are at x1
  • Option 2 – 95.5x default bet: You will start with eight free spins and wild multipliers are at x2
  • Option 3 – 154.5x default bet: You will start with nine free spins and wild multipliers are at x3
  • Option 4 – 305.25x default bet: You will start with 10 free spins and wild multipliers are at x5

Taking again the minimum default bet of 0.40 credits, option one will cost you 13.20 credits and option four a whopping 122.50 credits. That is just mindblowingly high as many players rarely deposit over 100 credits in one shot.

Decisions, decisions. Once you finally made one, you will be able to enjoy your free spins. You can, of course, wait to hit minimum three scatters to trigger the feature organically.

The scenery changes to a darker setting and a new collector column appears on the right. Every Midas golden hand scatter landing on a free spin will be collected in the meter. Once you have three, you will see the oak twig symbols being converted to a golden wild symbol for the remainder of the round. Any further three collected golden hand scatters will consecutively turn the apples, harps and cups into wild symbols. Plus, after each stage, you will get +2 free spins. Only the extra spins are awarded once all symbols have been transformed into wilds, no limits.

And that is not the end yet. On top of all the above, you have a Collectable Bonus Game with four levels. Any coin bonus symbol landing on the reels will be collected in the meter to the right of the game window. Once you reach a level, you can decide whether to play your bonus spins or carry on to the next level. You will need 50 bonus symbols to complete the Bronze level, 75 for the Silver level, 125 for the Gold level and 200 for the Platinum level.

Once you reach a threshold and decide to play the feature, you will get initially three bonus spins. Scatters landing on a bonus spin will award +1 bonus spin, no limits. The reels change and will contain only collectable coin symbols and scatters. Your win is determined by how many collectable coin bonus symbols you manage to accumulate during the bonus spins. It will award then a multiplier of the average bet used during the gameplay up to the moment you initiate the bonus game.

  • Collect 20 coin symbols: Bronze Level pays 12x, Silver – 15x, Gold – 40x, Platinum – 60x
  • Collect 30 coin symbols: Bronze Level pays 25x, Silver – 40x, Gold – 60x, Platinum – 80x
  • Collect 40 coin symbols: Bronze Level pays 40x, Silver – 60x, Gold – 75x, Platinum – 100x
  • Collect 55 coin symbols: Bronze Level pays 50x, Silver – 70x, Gold – 140x, Platinum – 200x
  • Collect 70 coin symbols: Bronze Level pays 80x, Silver – 150x, Gold – 250x, Platinum – 300x
  • Collect 85 coin symbols: Bronze Level pays 100x, Silver – 250x, Gold – 500x, Platinum – 1,000x

Final Verdict

Good to see that you managed to read through to the end because Midas Treasure is a highly convoluted game, in clear language a total mess and on top unfair to all those players, who are not able to pay the extra cost for the better levels. We can only hope Kalamba Games returns to their Machina Megaways slot and develop something similar in future as I cannot recommend this game to anyone unless you have a huge bankroll to squander away on level 4 bonus buys. I for sure will hesitate to review another mess from them.

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